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How much an Etsy shop make

How much can you make on Etsy? Well, it depends on how much effort you put into turning your Etsy store into a successful shop. 

Whether you're a full-time seller or a side hustler, the response would be different. 

Many sellers are making only a few thousand a year. However, the average successful Etsy seller makes nearly $43,000- $46,000 per year. While this number is a reasonable income, we believe many sellers are selling a lot more on Etsy.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to boost your shop and start being one of the successful Etsy sellers.

As we are talking about successful sellers, it would be really valuable and helpful just to look at their shops and analyze their listings. 

Almost all of the big sellers on Etsy are monitoring their competitors every day, learning from their successes and failures. 

It is recommended to follow at least the top 10 competitors in each niche you are working on. 

Using InsightFactory Etsy shop analyzer allows you to follow your competitors' stores and keep tracking their popular listings. You can also see the keywords they are using in their tags, titles, and descriptions. 

How to use the Insightfactory Etsy shop tracker to improve income on Etsy?

In the niche you're following find at least 10 shops that are bestsellers. Start searching for their names or the links to their shops on the Etsy shop analyzer page. Wait for 48 hours for InsightFactory to gather data. And start monitoring their sales and the last time they sold a product of a listing. 

Track your Etsy competitors' listings

7-day Sales:

This column can be considered the most important factor to look for in competitors' listings. It shows the number of sales for that specific listing in the past 7 days. So the data is fresh and reliable. Without this 7-day sale feature, you would find a listing that is selling a lot and may enter the niche just because of the high number of sales. The problem is that if they have not sold recently or in the past 7 days it means that it's not a good time to enter the niche and put effort and time into it. Perhaps it would be trending or popular at another time of the year. For example, there are a lot of listings that are selling most for Christmas. However, by the time that shopping for Christmas is over, there will be nearly zero chance to sell that item after the new year. So sort this column based on high sales in the past 7 days. 

Last sale:

The last sale shows almost the last time that the listing sold something. If the last sale column is showing Today with a lot of sales in the past 7 days, then don't hesitate that it's a hot niche. 

Views and favorites:

The number of views and favorites matters when you're researching for a list but keep in mind, that it can't be enough signal for the sale's number. However, the number of views for the last 7 days is still a good signal meaning that Etsy is showing it to how many people. If you're impatient to wait for 2 days until you get the results on sales and you want to spy on your competitors quickly then monitoring views can be helpful for the beginning. 

Release date:

The release dates refer to the time that the listing was created or to the time that it got renewed. You can simply find it out based on the reviews of the listing on Etsy if you're very curious about the release date. 

Tags and titles:

So make sure to research the tags and titles that the competitors are using for their listings but always use the tag and title generator of InsightFactory to generate better tags and titles. Then compare it with the inspired listings and if needed, optimise the keywords. 

How to do Etsy shop analysis like a pro with Insightfactory

Etsy store analysis tells you which products and markets are performing well, so you can focus on the right things.
There are many reasons why you should be keeping an eye on them but here are the main ones:

  • Checking their success rate
  • Seeing their best-performing products
  • What keywords do they use
  • How they respond to negative feedback
  • How they use social media

Spy on Etsy best-seller items and learn from them

A lot of people are making really good money by selling their products on Etsy. In fact, because of the huge potential income that this site offers, a lot of people are now thinking about selling their products on it.
The problem is that many people don't know where to start and they're not sure what they need to do in order to make money with Etsy.
One way to increase traffic on Etsy is to look at what other shops are doing. This is especially true for best-selling items.

Even if you are not selling jewelry or other popular items, spying on competitors can be very helpful. You can see which tags they use and that way get inspiration for your own tags. Moreover, if you see a particular item that sells well, try to create something similar and put your spin on it.

But before we go into the methods, you need to know that when it comes to Etsy, there's almost always a correlation between best-selling products and top-selling shops. If a shop has a lot of best-sellers, then the chances are that their shop is also one of the top sellers on the platform.

So, the first step in finding best-selling products on Etsy is finding top-selling shops.

One easy way to do this is through the Insightfactory Etsy shop analysis tool.
You can search for any Etsy shop, and it will show you their most popular listings. From there, you can copy their tags and use them too!

It tracks the top 50,000 most popular shops based on the number of sales and lists their top 10 best-selling items. If an item has made it there, then it must be a good seller. And you can use this information to create something similar or improve your current offering by adding new features or benefits.

Copy their trending tags and get inspired by their best-sellers.

How to learn from top Etsy sellers in each category?

1. Take a look at the top 10 shops in your chosen category. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they really competing with you?
  • What products are they selling?
  • How many reviews do they have?
  • What is their average price point?
  • How are their photos and descriptions structured?
  • What keywords are they using?

2. Now, take a look at their top-selling products (scroll down to find the best sellers section) and ask yourself these questions:

  • How much do these items sell for?
  • What’s the size of them?
  • What materials did they use to create it?
  • What’s the description like for each product? What words did they use to describe it, especially in the title and first line of the description?

How to Find Top Sellers on Etsy?

Etsy shop analysis is a tool that helps you, track top sellers on Etsy and follow the biggest sellers on Etsy. When you're doing your keyword research, you'll see the shops that are selling well. Search their names or their shop links on the Etsy competitor's page and find out about other products of their shops that are selling well on Etsy.

Track Your Competitors on Etsy

Enter your competitor's Etsy shop name into the search box on the Etsy shop analysis page. Our tool will display a list of their top-selling listings with all the details like the last time each listing has sold an item. Or the number of days that the listing is active and other similar information. Like the number of favorites, tags, and title of each listing.

If you have a specific shop in your mind and you would like to track them check out the Etsy Shop Analysis page.

Best Etsy Keywords Tool

Etsy keyword research helps you look for any ideas you have in your mind to see how well they are selling on Etsy. Search for a detailed keyword you have in your mind or something that describes your interest and use our Etsy sales estimator to find out the last time that the listings had sales, as well as the number of days that they are on Etsy and other hidden stats.

How to See the Most Popular Keywords and Tags on Etsy?

When searching for a keyword, you'll see all the tags that are used for each listing. Copy the tags if you want to use them for your listings.
Click on Show More Stats to see the title and other data.

Click on Copy recommended tags to copy the top-sellers tags for that specific keyword you searched. These tags are chosen based on the number of repeats and sales they've got.