Get more sales by finding Etsy trends

Find trending Etsy searches with low competition and high sales potential.
Create and sell what people are searching for on Etsy.
Whether you just started a new Etsy shop or growing multiple shops, Etsy trending searches can help you increase your sales in no time.

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Get Recommended Trends based on your shop's listings

Connect your Etsy shop to InsightFactory and let InsightFactory engine find related trends and keywords to your shop. Check the recommended trends every day to get ahead of your competition.

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    Connect your Etsy Shop

    InsightFactory will only access your listings' stats, not your private data.

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    Get daily recommended products to create and sell

    Find personalized related trends and keywords for your shop.
    Check the recommended trends every day to get ahead of your competition.

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Beginner-Friendly Trends
Get your first sales faster

Find trends with low competition, create trending products, and get sales quickly.
With beginner-friendly trends, you don't have to compete with many other sellers. So you can make sales 10X faster.

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Recommendations on trending items for my OWN store are just amazing! Being able to look up trending items for my niche have truly helped boost my productivity AND sales. Thanks to Insight Factory and the passive income group, I'm seeing daily sales!!!

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Insight Factory is my preferred research tool for both my Etsy stores and those of my clients. It's been instrumental in helping me discover low-competition search terms that boost organic traffic to my listings on Etsy. Additionally, I use it to discover trending products that I can create and list. As long as I continue to operate an Etsy store, I will remain a loyal user of Insight Factory!

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I LOVE InsightFactory. I just work long shifts at our hospital, and will for 2 more nights and then will have some time off. Most of my sales have come from InsightFactory Trends. I love it because it helps me make the best use of my time. Before I would bounce from one thing to another, feel like I was wasting my time, but with Insight Factory I know that someone is looking for what I'm creating! And I LOVE the time saving factor of copying the tags.

From 0 to 1300 sales in less than two months
Using InsightFactory Etsy trends

Jessa Bellman is a successful Etsy seller and a great Etsy coach.
She has decided to create a new shop and only creates products based on InsightFactory Trends.
In less than two months, she made more than 1300 sales. She has documented every step in this video. Learn how to get the most out of InsightFactory in this short video.

Trends FAQ

You can see in real-time what is trending on Etsy. These trends can increase your sales over days instead of months. Trending search terms can show you what products are in high demand on Etsy right now. You can beat the competition by focusing on the right keywords listed here. Instead of competing with thousands of listings, you can focus on a low-competition keyword in your niche and get right in front of your audiences' eyes.
When your Etsy shop is new, and you haven't had any sales yet, you need to focus on low-competition and in demand products to succeed. Beginner Friendly Trends are here to help you find these products. When selecting a Beginner Friendly Trend, insert the keyword at the beginning of your title to get the best result.

Start by searching your niche in the search bar at the top of this page, or click on one of the popular niches.
Then you will see a list of trending searches on Etsy in your niche, their competition, and sales metric.
Insightfactory analyzes thousands of search terms daily.
We track and list trends based on two factors, competition and recent sales.
And we identify trends based on their recent sales.
Recent sales are a stronger signal than search volume and views.

First, you are looking to make sales, not getting views. So why not focusing on the metric that you care about?
Second, only having sales is not important by itself. It is important to find items with many recent sales. For example, you are researching in November, and you want to examine the 4th of July trend. The yearly search volume is high. The yearly sale is also high. But no one bought anything recently.

Yes, actually it updates twice a day. We monitor trends on Etsy in real-time.

When you look at trends, it shows how many products from 1st page of Etsy sold today and the competition amount, without ads for Etsy US. The lower the competition number, the better.


The number of listings on the first page of Etsy search results, that had at least one sale in the past 7 days.
Higher numbers are better than lower numbers.

We keep the data fresh.


You'll see the number of Etsy's results, without ads. So it shows you how competitive the niche is.

Sort by competition:

Show low competition and more sales first.

Sort by sales potential:

Sort trending search terms based on their recent sales. Top sellers will appear first.

Search for your niche in the search bar at the top of this page. You can see a list of trending search terms related to your niche. Or click on one of the popular niches in the table.
You can also do Etsy trend research based on a product category on the following pages:

Start with searching for a general term. And then narrow it down to more specific keywords.
The general keyword is great to brainstorm and watch the big trends around an Etsy keyword.
However, you can find low-competition keywords easier by searching for a more specific keyword.

InsightFactory FAQ

Trends Database

This is the only way you can find trends that you have no idea about.
InsightFactory finds trends 2 to 3 months earlier than other platforms.
We only focus on sales metrics. And verify sales of a keyword in the past 7 days before listing it on the trends database. As a result, keywords on the Trends database have a high potential to increase your sales.

Accurate and up-to-date Data

Unlike other platforms relying on 3rd party data. ( Meaning buying keywords data from Google search and estimating Etsy search volume based on it. Data at best has a 1-month delay)
InsightFactory collects its data and detects trends based on accurate and real-time sales data.

Why InsightFactory data is better?

InsightFactory works based on listings on the first page of Etsy search results by taking a look at their views and sales data. As a result, we can spot trends live.
We work based on sales data on the Etsy platform, not Google data or any other sources.
On the other hand, other tools buy Google search data from 3rd party companies. And show it as an approximate Etsy search volume.
There are a few problems with their approach.
First, it is only US based.
Second, the data is at least one month old.
It is a good way to know the approximate search traffic for a keyword that is existing for more than a year. But for spotting trends, their approach is not really helpful..

No credit card needed

The Etsy Trends feature has a free limited version. In the free version, your search results are limited to 6 results, with random sorting. By upgrading, you will benefit from Beginner friendly keywords and have full access to the trends database.

Optimize Your Listing with Best-selling Etsy tags and AI Written Description

Copy tags of any listings you want, also their titles. It is recommended to copy the best-selling tags selected based on their efficiency. Just click copy best-selling tags and paste them into your listings.

Best Etsy keywords to include in your listings. Search for the keyword that describes your product or the idea you have in your mind on the Etsy keyword research tool. The result you see has hidden details about best-selling listings on Etsy that are very popular.

Track Your Competitors on Etsy to See What They Are Selling Most

Etsy shop analysis is a tool that gives you the chance to find top sellers on Etsy. Also, you can do an Etsy shop analysis for any shop you want. Simply type in the name of an Etsy shop or their shop's link and search for it on the Track Etsy Competitors page. Here you can see their top-selling listings as well as the number of days each listing is active. You can also see how many favorites they have, copy their tags and title, and check for updates on their shops.
Etsy sellers used to rely on craft count to track top sellers. Insightfactory is a modern alternative to craft count.