Increase Etsy sales by focusing on popular products and right keywords

Increase Etsy sales,
find popular products,
use the right keywords.

Get more sales and views by using the right keywords and descriptions for your Etsy listings.
Find products in high demand with low competition on Etsy
Whether you just opened your Etsy shop or selling on the platform for years, you can use Insightfactory to get on top of the search results page.

Customer Reviews

200X My Shop's Traffic

I changed my tags based on Insightfactory recommendations. My listing views increased by 200X, and my shop sales increased by 10X.



The Best Way to Find Popular Products

Insightfactory gives us a nice and well-explained yet simple, visualized way to discover the niches. Also, the information to know when was the last sale. In my opinion, it's the best tool. For me, it is the perfect way to validate a niche.



I've Made My First Sale!

Thanks to your recommended trend, I had my first sale from a design within a week.



30,000+ Etsy Sellers Boost Their Sales With Insightfactory


Get The Right Etsy Tags And Description With One-click

Your listings will perform much better if you use the right keywords.
You can boost your listing with one click. Just search for your main keyword on Insightfactory Etsy Keyword Research Tool and copy best-selling tags for your product. Then click on generate a description.
Our AI writes an SEO-optimized product description for you.

Find popular products on Etsy

Find Products In High Demand And Low Competition, And Get The Best Keywords For Them

Find popular products on Etsy that get sales and have low competition.
Design your own product inspired by them and make sales.
You can find popular print-on-demand products like shirts, mugs, jewelry, digital products like planners or SVGs, etc.

Track Etsy Shops Sales

Get Inspired By Competitors On Etsy

Find your competitors' best-sellers, tags, and sales data and get inspired for your own products.

  • Copy their tags
  • Track shop sales
  • Find the shop's most successful products and tags.
Track Etsy Shops

How Does It Work?

Search for your main keyword on the Etsy keyword research tool , then click on copy recommended tags. That's it. Insightfactory generates 13 tags based on Etsy SEO best practices.
These tags help your listing rank better on Etsy and drive more sales.

From 2022, the first paragraph of your listing description is an Etsy SEO factor.
It is important that your keywords get used in a paragraph in a human-readable way.
Insightfactory description generator writes a persuasive product description for your Etsy listing. It helps your ranking on Etsy and converts more visitors to customers.

Find best-selling products on Etsy and create your product inspired by them.
Insightfactory Etsy trends tool helps you find design ideas for your shop and increase your sales by focusing on trending products with low competition.

Popular products shortcut:
Popular shirts and print-on-demand products with low competition
Best selling digital products on Etsy

You can use it to validate a niche on Etsy in 3 steps.
Search for your keyword in the Etsy Product Research tool and take a look at the listings views and last sale column.
The last sale column helps you validate a niche easily and in real-time.
The ideal niche for a beginner shop has many items listed less than three months ago, and many of them had sales in the past week. continue reading.

Inspire from your competitors on Etsy, take a look at their tags and best-selling items, and learn from them.
You can track any shop on Etsy with one click.


Insightfactory works based on listings on the first page of Etsy search results by taking a look at their views and sales data. As a result, we can spot trends live.
We work based on sales data on the Etsy platform, not Google data or any other sources.
On the other hand, Other tools buy Google search data from 3rd party companies. And show it as an approximate Etsy search volume.
There are a few problems with their approach.
First, it is only US based.
Second, the data is at least one month old.
It is a good way to know approximate search traffic for a keyword that exists for more than one year. But for spotting trends their approach is useless.

You have 13 tags on each of your Etsy listings that you should get the most out of it.
These tags help Etsy show your listing when people are searching for it.
Tags, titles, and descriptions of your listing can make or break your Etsy shop.
Analyze tags that your competitors use, and use the tags that sell.
Do keyword research with our Etsy keyword research tool.
Copy and paste best-selling tags into your listing.

Yes, you can.
You can find trending searches on Redbubble and select the best tags for your artwork with our Redbubble Tag Generator.
Find trending shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand here.