Printable Trends V2

From 0 to 1300 sales in less than two months by focusing on Etsy printable trends

Jessa has experimented with Insightfactory. She started a brand new shop two months ago. And in her new shop, she only creates products based on Insightfactory current trends. At the time of writing this paragraph, Jessa made more than 1300 sales in her new store, focusing on the right trends. 

In this video, Jessa is going to show you how she uses Insightfactory to find Etsy trends. Jessa is an Etsy coach based in Australia. She helps many Etsy sellers daily. Watch how she gets the most out of Insightfactory.

[Step by step] How to find Etsy Trending Searches Using Insightfactory?

In 4 simple steps, you can explore Etsy digital trends and find best-selling printable products on Etsy.

Step 0: Create a free Insightfactory account

In this tutorial, we use a free version of Insightfactory. You can create a free account and use it to find low-competition and profitable niches for print on demand.
Insightfactory monitors all major marketplaces for selling print-on-demand products like Etsy, Amazon, and Redbubble.
In the free version, you have access to Etsy trends, trending shirts for print on demand, AI description writer, competitor tracker, and many more. 

Step 1: Explore printable niches to find the best printables to sell on Etsy.

The best-selling printable list has a complete list of the most popular niches trending right now.
You can explore them one by one to find a low-competition and high-in-demand product.
You can either focus on seasonal trends like Halloween and Christmas or evergreen niches like wedding invitations, digital planners, wall art, etc.
If you are going to focus on seasonal trends, please bear in mind that it takes about a month to get ranked organically on Etsy.

On this page you can explore different niches, by clicking on them you will see the complete list of sub-niches.

Step 2: Profitability Check: Take a look at the best-selling product for the niche

When you click on a niche, you will see the complete list of sub-niches. Sub-niches are keywords that people are searching for a specific kind of product in one niche. For example, Halloween is a niche, and the teacher's Halloween shirt is a sub-niche. You should always focus on sub-niches with low competition and high search volume. But how could you find out the competition and sales metrics?

Step 3: Focus on high-demand and low-competition niches for digital products

When you click on the Details button in step 2, you will be taken to Insightfactory Keyword Research Tool.
On this page you can easily spot:

7-Day sales, tags, competition, and sale signals for any keyword on Etsy.

Step 4: Drive more traffic to your listings by choosing best-selling tags and titles

The Etsy Tag Generator tool helps you bring more traffic and sales for your shops. As you can see in step 3, there is a Copy best-selling tags button on top of the page. By clicking on this button, you get the best tags for a specific niche.
After that, you need to generate a description containing these keywords. By clicking on Generate description, you will get access to the AI written description that could persuade your shop customers to purchase.

It's better to copy best-selling tags that are selected based on their efficiency and sales potential.

7 Popular Printable Niches: Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

You can always find many best-selling printable trends in the following niches. Each niche has many sub-niches with low competition and many top-selling items that you can benefit from in your shop.


People love planners as they help them get organized and remember important dates and things in their everyday lives. Some trending planners include calendar planners, meal planners, financial planners, project planners, etc.

Customizable Templates

Templates are often used by non-designers in creating custom designs and even digital products. All they have to do is to swap out text and images with their own. You can create templates for eBook interior design, lead magnets, Canva, InDesign, Book covers, etc.

Crotchet, Sewing, and Knitting Patterns

People who knit, crochet, or sew buy patterns from Etsy to use in their fashion DIY projects. They are, therefore, suitable for individuals who are into crafts and fashion design. 


Worksheets are great for teachers, stay-at-home parents, and homeschoolers. They can use these worksheets with their kids to teach them new concepts and ideas. Common worksheet topics include coloring sheets, math worksheets, preschool worksheets, worksheets for kids, language arts printables, etc.


These templates are great for individuals who want to track their daily tasks and activities. Some popular templates include food calorie counter, workout tracker, weight loss tracker, shopping list maker, work schedule, etc.

Wall Art

A wide range of wall decors is created using DIY printables, from nursery prints, inspirational quotes, and framed quotes to digital arts. People love to print and frame their wall art as this not only saves time and money on the cost of art purchase but also gives them flexibility on the frames, materials, and type of prints.

Clip arts

Clip Art is an image or illustration copied to a pattern, on canvas, or in other backgrounds. You can make downloadable clip art for different purposes and sell them as collections. For instance, on Etsy, you can find best-selling clip art on themes such as Halloween, and Kawaii as well as seasons such as Winter. Other clip arts include animal-inspired, leaves-inspired, watercolor school clip arts, etc.

Some other advantages of selling printables and digital products on Etsy are:

How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy?

Selling printables on Etsy has many steps, but the most important one is finding what printables sell best on Etsy. For discovering the most popular Etsy printables and selling digital art on Etsy, you can either use Insightfactory's Etsy printable trends or search through the Etsy keyword research tool.
The next step will be finding the proper tags and descriptions when creating your listings.
After finding printable niches and designing and creating your digital file, search for the most relative keyword to your product on the Etsy tag generator's page. You'll see the results that are sorted with all the details of each item.
Here the only thing you should do is copy and paste the best-seller's tags and then find the closest title to your art print or digital product and copy it into your title. Keep in mind that by adding some high score tags to your title, you will raise the chances of more sales.
Then upload your digital file when creating your listing on Etsy and wait for the sales.

Generate the Best Tags for Digital Products on Etsy

Finding best-selling printables on Etsy is half of the way to success. After that, you need to get the best tags for your listing to rank well on Etsy. read more here.

Market Research Using Etsy Keyword Tool

Etsy research tool helps you find niches by searching for any keyword you have in your mind. The more detailed keywords or phrases you search the better results you'll see.

You can find hidden details about listings for the keywords you searched. Such as the number of days that the listing is on Etsy or the last time it had a sale.

Follow Etsy Printable Trends by Looking at Top Sellers on Etsy.

Track Etsy Competitors tool is a great tool to find Etsy's most successful shops. You can find out about their sale, their recent listings, what works well in their shops, what titles and tags they have used for their listings, and more. You can copy and paste all the titles and tags and sort all the results mentioned in the way you want.

Discover Etsy's top sellers by category on this tool and find out about Etsy stores all over the world, such as Etsy stores in Australia, top Etsy shops in Canada, most popular UK Etsy shops, top sellers on Etsy, and so on.

Using Insightfactory’s Etsy Product Research Tool, you can unravel specific printables that are hot and trending. Read on to see how.

Etsy Digital Trends

Best-selling printable items on Etsy are what many of the Etsy sellers that are selling digital products are looking for. Creating and selling printables and other digital downloads on Etsy is the best way to build online income assets and improve passive income to earn that extra $100, $1000, or even $10,000 every month.
Selling digital files on Etsy is very popular. Digital products are one of those trending items on Etsy that are being sold so fast.

However, figuring out what printables to sell on Etsy can be difficult. Etsy is so competitive now since thousands of Etsy sellers in almost every main niche exist. There are many printable sellers, each with their designs – it’s hard to know where or how to start!