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Etsy SEO for art prints with examples [2021 tips]

Art prints are one of the most competitive markets on Etsy with more than 5million listings. Etsy SEO for art prints is an essential tool for digital sellers.
In this ultimate guide, we are going to cover how to get noticed on Etsy in 2021, we also extract the list of Etsy tags that sells for digital art. Tune in and follow this guide to put your listing on the first page of Etsy

Best Etsy Tags for art

Generate best Etsy tags for art with Insightfactory Tag generator.
Just enter the name of what you are selling and get access to the best tags available.

How to find trends in Etsy printables?

Getting late to a new trend is like being late to a party. Good food is gone🙄.
You need to be early to make the most out of Etsy printable trends.
We create a list of hot 🔥 Etsy printables and update it every 24 hours.
Here is the list of Etsy digital downloads niches.

What is Etsy SEO?

When customers searching for an item on Etsy,
Etsy matches the listings to the keywords that the user entered in the Etsy search bar.
Based on this matching some listings go to the first page and get in front of users.

Etsy tries to look for keywords in listings title, description, and tags. to decide if a listing is related or not.

Etsy sellers should get the most out of their titles, description, and tags to help the Etsy search system discover their products and show them to customers.

You have 140 characters in the title and 13 tag spaces. you should use all of these spaces to your advantage.

SEO is search engine optimization. and it refers to any activity regarding optimizing your listing to show up in the search result.

Etsy Seo is the set of keywords, you should add to your listing in order to get your listing on the first page

How Etsy SEO works?

when a customer search for something, the search system looks in title and tags, and selects the relevant items, then sorts them.
By understanding how the search system works, you can optimize your listing for a better placement in the search results.

How Etsy select relevant listings to a keyword?

Etsy compares the search query (keywords entered in the search bar) to title and tags with the respect to the following rules

  1. Keywords in the title
  2. Keywords in the tags
  3. if you have the keywords in both of them it’s a higher relevance than just put it in one of them.
  4. Exact match keywords are more relevant than having the keywords apart of each other in the title tag
    For example for “cute print art for kids room” a listing with the title “cute print art for kids” get a higher score than “print art for her, living room, kids room, nursery gift”
    Try to match your title to exactly the keywords user search.
  5. Put the important keywords at the beginning of the title, the beginning of the title has more SEO power than the end of the title.
  6. Put important keywords both in the title and tags.

How Etsy sorts results?

For the sorting part, there are many factors involved, like:

  • Relevance store: As we cover in the previous part.
  • Store Score: it’s a secret score, that Etsy gives to each store, based on their history
  • Listing Score: Customer satisfaction is a key, a listing with many satisfied customers, has a higher listing score than a listing without any sale.
  • Region: For shops in Europe, Canada, Australia, they get a better ranking for a local buyer, it’s a wonderful opportunity.
    If you live in Europe you have a better chance to sell inside Europe in comparison with a shop from the united states.
  • Delivery and Free shipping: Customers prefer free shipping, so items with free shipping get a better rank.
  • New items, new items get a temporary boost in the search result, to have a chance to be seen, and to help Etsy collect more data about their listing.
  • User Behaviour: Previous searches are important, Etsy customizes the search result for each user.

Just have in mind that only choosing the right keywords does not guarantee a high rank, there are many factors involved in this process.

Customer satisfaction is the key to a higher shop score.

Difference between Etsy SEO and Etsy Ads

For ads, you pay for people clicking, so it goes up in the search result, but the moment you stop paying for ads, you will be removed from the top of the search result.

When you pay for Etsy ads, Etsy uses your title and tags to decide on which keywords it should show your listings, so if you have done an excellent title and tags SEO, you will get more benefit from the ads.

Because your listing will be up in more relevant keywords. 

What are the differences between Ads and SEO?

  • Ads feedback is fast, the moment you activate ads, you are going to the top of the search result.
  • SEO feedback is slow, and when you optimize a listing, it could take a month to see the results.
  • Ads guarantee a high position in the search result, SEO doesn’t. When you use search engine optimization, there is no guarantee to be the first result, it depends on many factors like your listing and shop score. But ads guarantee the appearance in search results.
  • SEO is free, After your SEO efforts kicked in you will enjoy the benefits, you won’t pay for customer clicks, If you have done it right it can bring you thousands of visitors for free. 
  • Ads are costly, and when you turn them off, you will disappear from the top of the search result
  • With good SEO, your Ads performance increase.

I usually suggest mixing both approaches, first SEO your list, and then use ads to see the traffic immediately, and whenever your listing got ranked on the search result (It takes a month or so usually), stop the ads and enjoy the organic traffic from Etsy.

If you want to use Etsy SEO for art prints that sell occasionally like digital arts for Christmas or Valentine, you should start your optimization at least a month before. Otherwise focusing on Etsy Ads plus using tags that sell would be a better strategy.

How to get your listing to the first page of Etsy in 2021?

First, let’s begin with what keyword research for printable art is.

when a customer search for something on Etsy put some keywords in the search bar, Etsy sellers should use these keywords in their title and tags.
When it comes to art print, We can segment customers into different groups

  1. They know what they are looking for:
    They come to Etsy to buy specific designs, like Eiffel tower wall art, or golden gate art print.
  2. General Buyer: They looking for buying wall art or wall decor, but they want to get some ideas first.
  3. Gift Buyers:
    “Gift for her” is one of those keywords that you can see all over the place, in this scenario customers enter what they want like a gift for mom.
    So if you haven’t added gift purchasing keywords to your listing, you won’t be found. It’s sad but true.
  4. Buying for the occasion:
    Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, Baby shower, Home warming, Wedding, etc

So keyword research is a task to come up with keywords that users search. when they could use your product.

Good title tags, Bad title tags

Good title and tags will describe the product completely plus add an answer to the following question.
Is it something that can be used for valentine’s? Can I use it as a gift? For whom?

A classic, common mistake is to focus on general buyers.

If you are selling a digital art like wall arts, don’t focus on “Printable wall arts”, more than a million listings are competing for users that put this keyword in the search bar, and your chance as a new listing owner is really to low (Near 0) to rank your listing on the first page.
This is a waste of energy and really bad Etsy SEO, Especially for a competitive market like art prints.

Instead focus on more detailed keywords, If you are selling a print art of animals, focus on “{Animal name} printable wall art”. instead of “printable wall art” or “animal wall art”.

In Keyword research you are looking for words that is highly related to your listing. Ideally has a high search volume and at the same time has low competition.

always start with focusing on group 1, people that know what they want. why? To scape the competition.

How to audit my Etsy SEO for art prints?

My first advice would be to make sure your title and tags are related to what you are selling.

Review Etsy title and tags step by step

  1. Open the incognito tab
    Etsy uses search history to sort the results, you want to look at unbiased results.
  2. Don’t use a VPN.
    Etsy customizes the search results for each region, you want to do the research based on your shop location, using the VPN could change the result.
  3. Search for phrases in your title.
    If your title is “cute printable art, bird wall art, boho home decor, SVG seagull digital print”
    try to search for all of these phrases:
    “cute printable”, “cute printable art”, “printable art bird”, “bird wall art”, “wall art boho”, SVG seagull, seagull digital print
  4. Check the search result for similar items.
  5. If you can’t see many similar items it’s a bad tag.
  6. your shop has less than 1000 orders, and the search result contains more than 3000 results, it’s a bad tag for you
  7. If you could see listings similar to yours, with low or medium competition. it’s a perfect tag for your listing
  8. Repeat this process for all of your tags.

If you are a new store with less than 1000 sales. Just focus on phrases with less than 3000 similar listings, ideally less than 1000 competition.

Example1: Etsy tags for SVG art print

Etsy SEO for art prints

Let’s say we what to keyword research for this gorgeous artwork

It’s a digital download, containing love birds and watermelon, it’s available in pdf, png, SVG format.

It can be used for printing on valentine’s cards, stickers, t-shirt, Wall Art. The art is inspired by Persian and Turkish styles.


Write down all the keywords that could be related to your listing.

Ask yourself:

Who is it for? What occasion? When?

How to find Etsy SEO keywords for digital art prints?

The number one source for finding keywords is using the Etsy search bar when something entered the search bar. it autocompletes with related keywords. Afterward, you can open a google sheet and write down the keywords related to your artwork.

In general, This approach could be time-consuming so I recommend using Insightfactory Etsy keywords tool instead.
It’s freeware and lets you select and export popular keywords on Etsy easily.

I usually don’t recommend using the Etsy search bar for keyword research.
Etsy autocomplete only shows you the keywords starting with your keyword.

Etsy Keywords generator

The autocomplete only show you phrases starts with love bird

And if you want to extract more keywords, you need to put the beginning of the next word

Etsy keywords tool

But in Insightfactory you don’t have these limitations.

Etsy tags for print art
just entering the keywords like “Love birds” give you 120 keywords

for keywords generation, I look through each keyword that I think would be related to my listing and export them. by clicking on the keywords I can check the results on Etsy.

Keywords related to watermelon

watermelon art
watermelon art print
watermelon birthday
watermelon birthday invitation
watermelon coaster
watermelon print
watermelon png
watermelon sugar
watermelon SVG
watermelon wall art
Selected keywords related to watermelon
Etsy SEO for printable arts

Great, you get the idea, let’s move to the second question, what occasion would be related to this work?

Let’s start with valentine

Etsy SEO Tag generator

Customers that not looking for a specific art print

Let’s repeat the process for the general keyword “Wall art”.
Let’s demonstrate this example in more detail
There are 500+ keywords related to wall art on Etsy with search volume
I select the list below to check one by one for Etsy SEO for art prints

  • illustration wall art print
  • wall art digital download
  • wall art dining room
  • wall art decor for living room
  • wall art for bedroom
  • wall art for bathroom
  • wall art for women
  • wall art green
  • wall art home gym
  • wall art home office
  • wall art in black and white
  • wall art kitchen
  • wall art kids room
  • wall art landscape
  • wall art minimalist
  • wall art photography
  • wall art pdf
  • wall art quotes printable
  • wall art SVG
  • wall art vintage poster
  • African American fashion wall art
  • fruit wall art
  • Turkish wall art

Some customers search for a specific place for the wall art, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, kids room, home gym, home office, dining room

Others search for a specific attribute in the wall art like Turkish, fruit, African American, vintage, landscape, green, black, and white

Or Even for the desirable format like pdf, SVG, printable, digital download.