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How do I find a good niche for print on demand in 2021

Before getting to the answer, I just want to explain why I think this. I’ve been selling t-shirts with print-on-demand for years and have learned a ton in the process. This is what I’ve learned about finding niches to create designs in:
The most effective way to find niches is with a niche research tool.
The real money in print-on-demand is made when you create and upload a lot of great designs in profitable niches.
With that said, using a niche research tool makes finding profitable niches quick and easy.

How to find a good t-shirt niche in 2021
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Finding a good print on demand niche for you

Let’s define what the good niche looks like and then move to how you can find one.
You should have some kind of knowledge about the niche that you are trying to enter.
I see lots of beginners, just following the crowd and enter in the niches that they don’t have any ideas about.
One example is niches related to specific professions like software developers. It’s hard to make a design that sells when you have no idea about the software developer’s life.

So the first rule is that the good niche is different for everyone.

The question is what is the good print on demand niche for you?

Good POD Niche Depends on Your Marketing Plan

The second part is to specify, how you want to get the traffic.
Do you have some social followings or you want to spend money on ads? Or just want to compete in the search result of the print on demand platform ( like Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, or even Etsy)
If you have an audience, a good niche is something that your audience is excited about and willing to pay for it.
But if you don’t have an audience, you should consider some other factors.
Like the competition, and market activeness.
For brainstorming, you can use the Insightfactory T-shirt niches tool, which lists over 500 t-shirt niches with low competition and high market activeness every day.
For exploring based on your own interest, you can check Trending T-shirts right now. And check out the designs that you like yourself.

Can you design something 1oX better than others in your POD niche?

Just copying and pasting others in the niche is not enough. That’s why many t-shirt designers got frustrated after a while.
You want to compete with other sellers not just copying their work.
A good niche for print on demand is something that you can make a competitive design. That’s why it’s important to like your niche, and have some knowledge about it.

You have a far better chance to come up with a creative design in a niche that you like and understand.

Finding a Good Print on Demand T-shirt Niche Step by Step


Go to Insightfactory Daily Redbubble Trends. Explore the list, and write down stuff that you personally like.
You should make a list of niches that you are passionate about.

Be Careful about Trademarks:

You like a movie, and you think to yourself. Amazing I can make some designs about it. Wronggggg.
You should check for trademarks before you start your work. It’s your responsibility to follow the laws.
Check the trademarks on the official U.S patent website

Check the Competition:

You want to enter the niche with low competition. Low competition helps you be seen on Redbubble and Etsy.
Anything with more than 4000 search results is not good for a beginner seller.
Unless you have social followers interested in your niche, and you want to bring your own traffic.

Market Activeness

You want to know and enter the niches that are active right now. Insightfactory checks print-on-demand platforms and score niches based on the items that they sold during the last week.
Check the list of low-competition T-shirt niches here.

Get Inspired

Every day we list trending t-shirt designs. Make sure to check it out every day.
The goal is to get inspired not to copy others. You don’t have any chance by copying a best seller and directly compete.
You want to look at the design or phrase in another niche and think about the ways to use it in your own designs.

The goal is to get inspired from other best selling niche. Not copying the exact thing.

For example, try to use a quote that someone used on a t-shirt For example, try to use a quote that someone used on a t-shirt, change the design of it, and use it in another category of products like mugs.
Here is the list of 500 mug niches with low competition

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