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Today Trends, last updated 2021-12-04

Trend RB competition Countries Niche Score
Trend RB competition Countries Niche Score

How to use Insightfactory Redbubble Trends Tool

Redbubble niche research in 5 simple steps

1) Look at Niche score:

A good niche score is more than 30.
What does it mean? It means how many listings in this niche had at least one sold item during the last 7days.
The niche score is 50. it means 50 listings in these niches sold at least one item in the last 7days.
Why is it important?
There are some trends on Redbubble that people look at items, but they don't buy. It is interesting to look at, but they won't pay for it.
By looking at Niche scores you get away from these worthless niches. And save your time and energy to focus on real ones.

A good niche score is 30+.
Bad niche score : < 20.

2) Google it

You want to know more about a trend before you jump into it.
Google it to see why it is trending
What are good looks like:
-There are links to different marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, etc
-Photos of t-shirts coming up at the top of search results.
-You can understand why it is trending, is it related to a piece of news, event, holiday?

What are bad looks like:
-It's about a movie, series, famous person, YouTuber, etc
-There is no link to any marketplaces on the search results.

3) Check for trademark :

Always double check it by clicking on the TM button
If you see the message "It maybe be available for registration" it's a good sign

If there is an active and lived trademark for clothing materials like shirts, socks, hoodies, etc. Stay away

4) Look for low competition:

the lower number is better however it's not as important as the preview steps.
We don't show high competitive niches in our tool anyway.

5) Create 5 different designs for the niche.

by designing 5 you get 5 items in the search result, So you have much more chance of getting seen on Redbubble
But don't just copy your designs multiple times. Make it different for different tastes.

How to get the most out of Redbubble Trends?

What is Redbubble Trends Tool

Print on Demand entrepreneurs and Redbubble artists are looking to find design topics that are hot right now.
Here is a list of phrases that are searching on Redbubble today.
You can access the phrase, copyright status, competition, search volume, and estimate of monthly sales here.

Every day we list what is trending on Redbubble here, we add results available for each trend and the Trademark status beside each Trend.
Take the trademark law seriously, and check it before you publish your designs on Redbubble. Lately, many artists’ profiles got suspended because of trademark lawys, Only focus on Daily trends without trademark.

How to find low competition niches on Redbubble

To Sort Trends based on competition, click on the result column in the table. and sort it by the number of items available on Redbubble. Ideally, you want to compete with fewer people, You can find many trends with low competition and trademark safe on our tool everyday.

Why checking daily redbubble trends is essential for rb artists?

Get an eye on Redbubble Trends is essential for success in Print on demands especially in 2021, RB daily trends list popular trends on Redbubble® every day, it can inspire you for adding a tag to your relevant artwork, or creating art for the specific trends.
Click on trending tags that are related to your design and select export to generate tags for work on RB.
Take a look at the search trends on a daily basis, and try to explore them on Redbubble®, look for related tags for them, Usually, the suggested tags are better and with less competition than the popular tags, but only add the related tags to your artwork.
Enjoy today trends on Redbubble

How to find trends related to my artworks

Many Designers have a collection of their illustrated items, Put the keyword related to your artwork in the search box to see related trends to your query, For example, to look at niches related to valentine, put “valentine” in the search box above the trends table.

How to use trending tags in our RB artwork

Only use relevant search tags in your work, adding irrelevant tags will lead to a lower conversion rate and ultimately lower search position. explore related tags too, it’s a great place to find long-tail keywords, and get inspiration of what people are looking for on the redbubble.
Ultimately you are looking for longtail keywords with low competition. it’s the sweet spot, and every day many artists check the trends to find this sweet spot and get the most out of their designs.

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