Etsy Sales Estimator

Best Etsy keywords that are trending, are available on the Etsy keyword research tool. Search for a detailed keyword on this page and find out how well they are selling and see what tags and titles are ranking.

After you searched for the keyword, you'll see the list of Etsy listings that are sorted based on the Etsy rank. You can simply sort them by their last sales, the listings' age, favorites and other details.

So obviously the listings with the most recent sales and less number of days that they are available on Etsy are more potential.

Best Etsy SEO Tool

Copy tags and titles of any of the listings you want. Click copy tags in front of the listings and paste them into the tags' box when creating your listings. Also click on show more stats to see the titles. You can copy and paste the titles as well.

It's better to copy the recommended tags that are chosen according to their popularity and number of repeats. Recommended tags are the tags that are selling really well. In other words, they are best-selling tags for any keyword you search.

Learn more about how to generate the best tags for Earrings and jewelry on Etsy

How to Find Top Sellers on Etsy?

Track top selling Etsy shops using the Etsy shop analysis tool. You can spy on top sellers on Etsy by simply searching for their shop's name or pasting their Etsy store's link in this tool and see what are their best-selling listings. You can copy and paste their tags and titles, see when was the last time they sold something and how many days their listings are active as well as their favorites and number of views.

Look for best UK Etsy shops or famous Etsy shops in Canada or any Australian stores Etsy. Check out the tool, I'm sure you'll find some shops that are selling well and you can come up with some ideas for your own shop.