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How to generate best Etsy tags for earrings | Etsy SEO for Jewelry

Best Etsy Tags for earrings is one of those questions that we get almost every day. Today we are going to dedicate this post to the process of finding the best tags for earrings. And generate traffic with Etsy SEO. We are going to review a jewelry store on Etsy to help you see each step. We use Insightfactory Tag Generator for the Etsy Tag analyzer.
Earings and handmade jewelry, in general, is one of the most competitive niches on Etsy and has huge market demand.
Many people searching for earrings for themselves or gifting a loved one.
What is better than unique, handmade Earrings on Etsy?
In this post, we are going to review Etsy stores in the Earrings niche. Let’s find Etsy tags for earrings.

Etsy Shop Critique for HumucaJewelry

Etsy shop review for earrings, Etsy tags for earrings
Check out their nice jewellery over here

Let’s start with product photos, As you know product photos are really important for your success on Etsy. It’s the first thing that customers see about the product, and you want to stand out.

The product photos of your shop are gorgeous, you can see the product clearly, and enjoy the shop theme. Fantastic.
On Etsy product photos are an SEO factor, Etsy algorithm scan for objects in the photo and it’s important that the product would be clearly visible.

Etsy SEO for Earrings

Etsy Tags for earrings that sell in 2021

we are going to review this item “Tiny Star Stud Earrings, Black Stone Star Stud Earrings, Trendy Star Stud Earrings, Valentines Day Gift, Gift for Her, Mothers Day Gift”
it’s important to insert the main keyword at the beginning of the Etsy title, and you did an amazing job doing so.
But there are some repetitive words in the title, stud earrings repeated 3 times and gift repeated 3 times too.
you can use better use of this space.
Another issue is valentine and mothers day gifts. These keywords are really competitive, and at the moment you have a really young store.
The chance of listing on the first page for these keywords is meager.
I suggest focusing on keywords that have less competition.

I put the keywords in the Insightfactory Tags generator. It gave me over 200 niches on Etsy, I list some niches related to Earings on Etsy. Many of them are not related to this specific work, but I suggest exploring them for product inspiration.

earrings aesthetic
earrings for women
earrings for bridesmaids
earrings for cartilage
earrings for sensitive ears
earrings for girls
earrings green
earrings gemstone
earrings geometric
earrings handmade
earrings heart
earrings in gold
earrings in silver
earrings in sterling silver
earrings in rose gold
earrings lesbian
earrings moon
earrings nickel free
earrings rose gold
earrings ruby
earrings retro
earrings studs
earrings vintage
earrings valentines day
earrings vintage gold
earrings vintage look
earrings victorian
earrings with studs
earrings yellow gold

Earrings with studs have more than 750K results on Etsy, but earrings for sensitive ears only have 10K results. If your products are usable for sensitive ears, using this keyword could give you more benefit than repeating the earrings with studs.

or earrings studs gold has 250K results, you can use each word to your advantage, to compete with fewer people, and show your products on crowded Etsy search results.

Ok, Let’s brainstorm for earrings studs let’s take a look at the list below

earrings studs gold
earrings studs sterling silver
earrings studs blue sapphire
earrings studs black
earrings studs bar
earrings studs boho
earrings studs blue
earrings studs butterfly
earrings studs cute
earrings studs circles
earrings studs cuffs
earrings studs diamond
earrings studs designer
earrings studs for bridesmaids
earrings studs for cartilage
earrings studs for sensitive ears
earrings studs gold minimal
earrings studs gold plated
earrings studs green
earrings studs handmade
earrings studs minimalist
earrings studs nickel free
earrings studs rose gold
earrings studs rock
earrings studs star
earrings studs vintage
earrings studs with diamonds

earrings studs for sensitive ears only have 4K results, much less competition. or “earrings studs rock” has only 3K results.
and earrings studs star has 22k results.
My suggestion is to focus on niches around your product. Bear in mind that Etsy gives a better score to exact match than just matching. If you want to target “earrings studs stars” use it exactly like this, and at the beginning of your title.

I generate tags in the tag generator feel free to try your own main keywords in Etsy Tag Generator

What to put in your Etsy title to get traffic

For earrings colors are important. Adding your product colors to the title gives you much more benefit than trying for ranking for “Valentines gift for her”.

If it’s minimal, with diamonds, vintage, etc add it to your title. Your first goal in Etsy SEO is to be visible to people that use long-tail keywords. Going after customers looking for a valentine’s gift, or Mom’s day gift, only waste space in the product title.

What tags to use for earrings on Etsy

at the moment, you use these tags:

‘star earrings’, ‘star stud earrings’, ‘star stud’, ‘celestial earrings’, ‘minimalist earrings’, ‘stud earrings’, ‘pave earrings’, ‘gift for her’, ‘gold earrings’, ‘valentines day gift’, ‘mothers day gift’, ‘fashion earrings’, ‘silver earrings’
There are some problems with these tags.
First, they are repetitive, if you have this tag ‘star stud earrings’ there is no need to have another tag for ‘star earrings’ or ‘star stud’, ‘stud earrings’ in the eyes of the Etsy SEO algorithm, the first tag contains the others so you can make better use of the other 3 spots than repeating yourselves.
Some of the top tags related to stud earrings are:

stud earrings
earring studs
cartilage earring
tragus earring
cartilage stud
tragus earring stud
minimalist earrings
silver stud earrings
tragus jewelry
stainless steel
gold stud earrings
tiny stud earrings
cartilage piercing
simple earrings
handmade earrings

Only select related tags, and explore for competition.
One very important tip is to repeat the main keywords in the title in the tags.
It sends a more strong signal to Etsy SEO when you add title keywords in the tags and description.

At the end don’t forget to explore Etsy tags for yourself, Check out Etsy Tag Generator now.

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