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Every day thousands of Redbubble users search for specific keywords or phrases in order to buy their favorite artworks. Redbubble offers a variety of tags for you to use when uploading your designs to help people find them easily.

Redbubble Popular Tags

Insightfactory tag generator creates a list of Redbubble popular tags on a daily basis, select relevant keywords to your artwork and just copy and paste the tags in your tags, Although it’s a far better option than leaving the tag space empty or using irrelevant tags, for getting noticed on Redbubble we suggest to do the following steps.
Enjoy popular tags on Redbubble

How to get the most out of the Redbubble Tag tool

In the search box, search for keywords related to your artwork, color, style, character, etc. Check the filtered keywords on Redbubble, if it was related to your artwork, select the tags to export. After finding your 15 tags, click on the export button and copy and paste it in your tag box in Redbubble dashboard.
Redbubble Tag generator only lists popular tags on this page, we strongly suggest taking a look at our trending keywords tools here.

What Is the Difference Between Redbubble Popular Tags and Trending Tags?

Popular tags have a high search volume, but at the same time have high competition, It’s hard to rank these tags on the first page of the Redbubble.

On the other hand, Redbubble trending tags are the tags that gain more traffic than before. it means the keyword has much more traffic than before.
By looking in the trending tags you can find keywords with low competition. And low competition means you will have a much better chance to get on the first page.

How to Discover Redbubble Trending Keywords to Boost your sales?

The Redbubble trends page helps you find trending keywords and phrases that people are looking for on Redbubble, quickly and easily. So you can create designs for them to increase sales and quickly improve your shop.

Insightfactory discovers hot products and designs updated daily. You can use this data to save time finding keyword trends. This will help you create more relevant designs and boost your sales.

If you want to find niches and trends that can be used for Etsy as well, make sure to check out the Etsy popular T-shirt list to find best-selling Etsy products that are popular on Redbubble too.

How to Easily Get the Most Sales from Redbubble Products by choosing the best-sellers' tags with only one click?

With our Redbubble tag generator tool, search for the most relative keyword to your artwork. A list of suggested tags will appear. These are tags that other artists have used on similar designs which have performed well on Redbubble. Just click Copy Best-sellers tags and paste them into the tag section when adding new artwork. To see how each tag is performing, you'll see a score in front of each tag that specifies how effective the tag is. The best keywords to choose are the ones that have high scores. That means people are searching for these items and purchasing them once they find them. The maximum number of tags you can use for each design is 15, so choose them wisely!