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Hot things to sell on Etsy in 2023. Find Etsy trends with a niche research tool

How to discover trends and start selling before they get saturated

If you are new on Etsy and you want to start a print-on-demand business on Etsy, you should know that by being early to a new trend, you can make real money. So let’s see what is selling on Etsy right now.

When you want to do Etsy niche research, go to the “Etsy trends” page.

Select your preferred product from the list of categories at the top of the page. 

Etsy Trend Researches

You can see four pictures that are top sellers of this specific niche. You see,

The number of views in the last 30 days

Etsy Niche Research

The number of favorites

Etsy Product Research

The competition

Etsy Keyword Research

If you want to check google trends, click on the Google trends button, and if you need to see the niche on Etsy, click on “view on Etsy.”

Remember to check for trademarks or copyrights before you start designing.

It is important to know that our data updates every day so it’s live and reliable. Make sure to check the list every day.

If you scroll down you see the number of pages. It is only available for our pro users to see the complete list. Therefore, not only you see all of the competitive niches, but you can also make more money by being early to a specific niche.

In our pro version, there is a list on the left side of the screen with more features that are very useful. Check them out. You will definitely find some valuable niches.

If you use Insightfactory pro, you will have access to the most profitable niches.

So don’t waste your time, upgrade right now and start making real money. 

Best Etsy Keywords That Are Selling Most on Etsy

Use the Etsy keyword research tool to find what the most popular keyword on Etsy are. Search for the detailed keywords or phrases you already found on Etsy popular products page and brainstorm the new ideas and niches that Etsy keyword tool brings for you.

Find hidden details about the top-selling listings and copy their tags and titles.

You can also copy the recommended tags that are sorted by our machine learning algorithm based on their efficiency and popularity.
Simply click on Copy Recommended Tags and paste them into your listings.

Etsy’s Most Successful Shops

Track your Etsy competitors tool allows you to discover the top 10 Etsy stores in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia by simply searching their names or pasting their shops’ links in the search bar. You can find sales data of top-selling Etsy shops. The number of favorites, views, listings’ age, as well as tags and titles, and their last sales. 

Copy and paste the titles and tags of any of the top-selling listings of these shops. 

While you’re doing the product research on the Etsy trends page or Etsy keyword research tool you’ll encounter some shops that are selling well. Search their names or paste their shop’s link and see all the hidden data about the listings.