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Why 99% of Redbubble sellers fail

Today, I want to say why 99% of sellers fail and how you can be in that 1%.
Is Redbubble really worth it?

#1 mistake: Using Redbubble autocomplete as the only source of niche research.

Redbubble shows a small trending icon in its search bar to show trending searches.

And many beginner sellers only use these suggestions for their niche research. Don’t do this!!!
There are some big problems with these autocomplete suggestions:
They are based on search volume, not sales.

So when many Redbubble sellers search for a term, they make it trending themselves. Stupid, huh?

Juna from Detour shirts has done a cool experiment. He created a design called “sushi and sunshine” on Redbubble. It had only 15 results at the time. Then he asked his followers to search for “sushi and sunshine” on Redbubble. Guess what? After an hour, “Sushi and sunshine” was a trend on Redbubble. And many sellers started making a design for this niche. The results grow to 1200 in less than 3 days, without even a sale.

#2 mistake: Being late to a trend.

Have you ever been late to a dinner party? Good food is gone, people are thinking of leaving, and you just arrived. It’s no fun.
Being late to a new trend is the same. The first sellers get most of the sales.
It’s important to be early.

How to be in 1% successful sellers:

Double check trends with reliable sources:

Amazon and Etsy are two other popular platforms, and their trend data is more reliable than Redbubble.
For finding T-shirt niches, check the Merch by Amazon trends section every day. Why? Because we create the list based on sales data, not search volume.
8 out of 10 trends on Redbubble are the same as Etsy and Merch by Amazon.

Pro Redbubble Sellers do their research on Amazon and Etsy, then upload their designs on Redbubble.

How to be early to a new trend

On our Redbubble trend tool, we show the “discovered since” field. Focus on trends that were discovered in the last 48 hours.

Check T-shirt trends based on sales data here.