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How to discover Merch by Amazon trends

Merch research by Insightfactory

Find Trends With A Merch Research Tool

If you want to discover trends on Merch By Amazon, read this tutorial completely. Insightfactory Merch research tool helps you discover niches on Merch By Amazon.
With this tool, you can find the hottest niches on Merch By Amazon.
Although the list updates twice a day, free users see the list two days later than pro users.

Discover Merch By Amazon Trends Step By Step

You will see the list of t-shirts when you click on Merch By Amazon trends. Each t-shirt has some information.
The first thing is Best-Seller Rank. Best Seller Rank is a number that Amazon has for all of its products. When the Bestseller rank is low, it means that the product has more sales. For example, an item with BSR 1000 sells a thousand t-shirts a month. So basically, BSR 1 is selling the most on Amazon. On the other hand, BSR 10M sells one item in the last few months.

The next thing you can see here is Growth Rate. The growth rate shows how fast the t-shirt is selling. For instance, if the growth rate is 2x, the t-shirt doubles its sales from yesterday.

You can see the last time that the list got updated.
Another difference between the pro and free versions is that free users can see t-shirts with only a 2/3x growth rate. However, pro users have access to the hottest niches on Merch By Amazon. For example, 44x Growth rate.

So make sure to check the list every day. Upgrade to pro and start making money.