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Etsy printable trends for selling digital downloads on Etsy

How to find trends for selling Etsy printables using Insightfactory

How to discover and do your research in Etsy printables

Selling digital prints on Etsy

If you have a new shop on Etsy and don’t know what to sell on Etsy, this blog post is for you.
For new shops, selling digital downloads on Etsy is the best starting point because you don’t have to deal with other things like suppliers or shipping. Also, it is obviously easier for people to trust to buy from you because the prices are low.

How to sell printables on Etsy

Now let’s jump in to see digital downloads on Etsy and find a profitable niche.
Click on Etsy trends, and choose downloadables. You will see the list of potential niches. Each niche has four pictures that are top sellers of that specific niche. You can see the number of views in the last 30 days, the number of favorites, and the competition.
If you want to check the trend on Google Trends, click on its button, and if you need to see it on Etsy, click on “view on Etsy.”
Don’t forget to check for trademarks or copyrights before you start designing.

Also, remember to check the SVG niche list.

How to make printables to sell on Etsy

It is important to know that our data updates every day, so it’s live and reliable. We have many pages for each list that is only available for pro users to see the complete list.
Additionally, if you’re using the pro version, you have access to all of the extra features on the left side of the screen. So make sure to check them. You will absolutely find some valuable niches.
When you are a pro user, you have access to profitable niches earlier than others so you can enter the market before it gets saturated. Therefore, you will sell more, and your chances to get to the first in the search result will be higher. Remember that only pro users have access to the most potential niches. So stop wasting your time and instead invest your time in profitable niches and make money.