Trending Digital Products on Etsy

How to find trending products on Etsy? Etsy is one of the best places to find the most popular and profitable laser cuts items. In fact, laser cut items like SVGs, Printables, and other digital products are popular things that sell on Etsy. Trending Digital Products on Etsy are the easiest and best way to make money. Etsy digital prints are getting more and more popular these days. We have the hottest list of best-selling printables on Etsy that updates every day. The updated top-selling digital download list shows you what digital downloads are selling on Etsy right now.
If you want to get into selling printables on Etsy, and start making money from top selling laser cut items on Etsy, this fantastic tool is for you. 

From 0 to 1300 sales in less than two months by focusing on Etsy printable trends

Jessa has experimented with Insightfactory. She started a brand new shop two months ago. And in her new shop, she only creates products based on Insightfactory current trends. At the time of writing this paragraph, Jessa made more than 1300 sales in her new store, focusing on the right trends. 

In this video, Jessa is going to show you how she uses Insightfactory to find Etsy trends. Jessa is an Etsy coach based in Australia. She helps many Etsy sellers daily. Watch how she gets the most out of Insightfactory.

Guide: Learn how to generate the best tags for Etsy digital product

Why Selling Digital Products On Etsy?

You may have probably asked yourself what is selling on Etsy right now? Or what are Etsy trends? 
Well, digital products are selling like crazy on Etsy right now. Many sellers look for popular items on Etsy to find out what's hot and discover the trending items on Etsy. Printables are easy to create and require only little effort. Selling Printables on Etsy costs almost nothing. The transaction fee on Etsy for each sale is 5% and only $0.2 for creating a listing. Not to mention the first 40 listings on Etsy are free. 

Everything You Have Can Be Sold on Etsy

It doesn't matter if you are a graphic designer or not. You can literally sell anything you have the skills for in the format of digital downloads, from Excel Templates, Thank You Cards, Invitation Templates to Meal Planning Cards, food recipes, and the list goes on and on. 

More importantly, you won't have all the POD challenges when you're selling digital downloads. Just upload your digital products and make money online, no need to do anything after that. 

In addition, it is a time and money saver for Etsy shoppers, as well, because they don't have to wait until receiving their orders. Etsy delivers the product for you. It sends the link to download quickly after purchase. So the buyer can use them or print them out themselves without worrying about receiving their orders late or paying a lot for the shipping.

How Does Etsy Digital Download Work?

Etsy has this feature to upload files in different formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, and zip, with up to 20MB file size when creating a listing. Once the buyer orders the digital download, Etsy sends the link to download immediately. 
Now the question is:
How to find Etsy hot products? Maybe laser cut items are the best. But the next question is:
Top selling laser cut items on Etsy are a lot, which one should I choose to make more profit?
And more importantly, how to bring the customers to my shop to buy from me?
Let's go through all the questions together.

What Do I Need for Selling Printables on Etsy?

A digital download is any file which sells on Etsy: printables, templates, or any other type of digital content. It can be a PDF, a photo or an SVG file. If you want to sell digital items on Etsy, you need to find the right product for your shop and make sure it's what people are looking for. Digital products to sell on Etsy are extremely easy to make and can be sold repeatedly, over and over again. You don't have to purchase stock or worry about shipping or packaging either, which means that you can focus entirely on promoting and selling your products.
There are hundreds of different types of digital products out there, and all you have to do is find the ones that suit you best.

What Digital Downloads To Sell On Etsy?

Digital products can come in many different shapes and forms — for instance, they can be ebooks, images, videos, music tracks or even computer software. As long as you have a clear idea of who you want to sell to and what they need, it shouldn't take too long before you're making money online with digital products.

Finding your passion can be the best starting point for selling digital products. Once you sell the items that you like as well, you will start creating other products. But in the beginning, it's better to choose the products that you are good at. And then, you will learn and develop your skills along the way to grow your business.
Laser cut ideas for digital products to sell on Etsy is one of them.
If you are not sure where to start or you want to look for some ideas to see what product to start with, find some inspirations from the Etsy popular items page and get some ideas of what you want to sell on Etsy.

How To Sell Digital Downloads On Etsy?

You can start with a wide range of digital products to sell on Etsy.
To get started, here are some tips of selling printables on Etsy that helps you sell more digital downloads on Etsy.

The first step of how to sell printables on Etsy is to find top-selling printables

There are some steps that you need to take for selling printables on Etsy. In the beginning, you need to find what digital products are selling on Etsy? Or what are the top selling laser cut items on Etsy? The list of popular digital products on Etsy is endless, from planners and editable business cards to recipes and product labels. Our printable niche research tool finds what is popular on Etsy right now. The data updates every day, so it's live and reliable. Explore among best-selling digital downloads on Etsy. When you're doing your Etsy niche research, make sure to stay away from trademarks or copyrights. 

Second, get insipired by the digital product you found from the list to sell on Etsy

Look at top-selling items for a specific niche and get inspired by them. But remember not to copy them. Be innovative, use your creativity and design skills if need to make the digital product.

Create the listing of your top selling laser cut items on Etsy

In the end, create a listing on Etsy and do Etsy SEO. Upload clear and perfect photos of the digital product. Make sure to upload the digital file correctly. Create an awesome product description, tags and title.

How to Choose the Best-sellers Tags and Titles of Top Selling Laser Cut Items on Etsy?

For choosing best-sellers tags and titles, Search the most relative keyword to your product in the Etsy keyword research tool. You will see the result of popular printables on Etsy, here you can copy and paste the tags and title of any of the listings you choose.
to copy the tags of a specific listing just click copy tags and paste them into the tags box when creating your listings.
You can also copy the title of each listing, just click show more stats on top of the results and scroll left to see the titles.

I suggest to click copy recommended tags. These tags are selected based on their number of repeats and efficiency. So by using them you'll probably get the best result. However, make sure to check all the tags and see if they are related enough to your product.
Also use these tags in the title to get better results.

Here Are Some Of The Most Successful Digital Products On Etsy

Trending digital downloads are selling remarkably fast. If you want to find some evergreen niches, check out our tool and do your research among thousands of high-potential printables that are updated regularly. Here we point out some famous ones that are competitive and trending.  

Invitation Templates 

People always need invitation templates for weddings and parties, so you always have the chance to sell this digital product. 


Digital and printable planners are the two other digital products that sell.

Organized people who always plan their weeks, months, and years are big fans of printable planners. Sometimes they prefer to use the customized versions, so they buy planners on Etsy and print them out themselves whenever they want. 

Digital planners are accessible on different devices for buyers who are more comfortable with digital screens.

Crochet, Knitting, and Sewing Patterns

Etsy shoppers are mostly into handicrafts. So if you have the skills to create patterns, don't hesitate. Upload them right now. 

Menu Templates For Cafes And Restaurants

Have you seen a cafe or restaurant without a menu? Obviously not. Use your creativity and skills to design aesthetic menus. 

Recipe Templates

Recipe templates are also popular among chefs who want to write down their delicious recipes.

Wall Art

People prefer to download wall arts digitally and print them out themselves to reduce cost and save time. Wall art can be a beautiful picture, painting, or digital art created with software such as Photoshop or Illustrator, etc. 

Coloring Books

Coloring books are so trending among both adults and children. Create simple and creative ones for kids and more advanced and artistic ones for adults. 

Fitness And Diet Planners

Planners related to health and fitness never get unpopular. Shoppers want them to plan their diets and self-improvement goals to have them written and look at them daily.

Downloadable Clip Arts

If you are an artist making clip arts would be easy for you. You can sell a collection of them for different purposes. 

These are only some of the famous Etsy downloadables. If you really want to make money, you should be 10x better than the competitors. 

How To Find Evergreen Niches For Etsy Downloadables?

Use our tool on this page and find some less competitive evergreen niches to enhance your chances to make a profit from Etsy downloadables.

How To Use Your Digital Product For Print On Demand? 

If you have pretty digital products that can be printed on T-shirts, caps, stickers, postcards, etc., you might be able to start your print-on-demand business as well. Check out our T-shirt niches list and try to find profitable niches similar to your digital printables, and start selling POD products. 

If your designs fit more on mugs, make sure to do your research in our mug niches list

Another way to use your cute clip arts is to create patterns and print them on socks.

There's another product category that is trending on Etsy called SVG printables. Find best-selling SVG printable niches on Etsy here

Note that for every listing you create on Etsy, you should find 13 tags that are very critical to choose accurately. The better tags you select, the more chances to be on the first pages of the search result. Make sure to pick them correctly. Check out our Etsy tag generator tool.