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11 Easy Tips to make money on Redbubble

At, we asked 12 Redbubble experts to share tips about how to start making money online by selling trends on Redbubble in 2021.

Here is the list of their tips:

  • Avoid niches with more than 1500 search results. If you didn’t have a sale yet. keep it under 300.
  • A niche with more than 300 sales per month and fewer than 300 results are golden. start making a design as soon as finding one. usually, these niches got oversaturated after a few days. Check estimated sales and competition here.
  • Double-check the niche on merch by amazon, to make sure the niche is valid.
  • Google it!!! Check the background story on a trend, you can’t make something that customers want without understanding the trend. ask yourself, who is going to buy this product? for what? why?
    If you don’t have a clear answer move to another niche.
  • Many designers forget about hoodies and sweatshirts, use them to your advantage. and focus on these product lines.
  • Don’t use famous people’s names and designs. many famous people’s names are not a trademark, but it’s not safe to make a design in these niches.
  • Stickers and kids’ apparel has less competition than T-shirts. focus on them.
  • Check for trademarks before start designing. (On our redbubble trend tool we remove trademarked niches to avoid confusion)
  • Focus on niches that customers actually buy. We show sales data of each niche in our redbubble trending searches section. Avoid niches without previous sales.
  • Use all of the 50 tags available for your redbubble listing. and fill out the description part completely. it helps google to show your item in its search result.
  • Only use related tags, list of redbubble popular tags.
  • Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your redbubble shop
  • For more sales on Redbubble, keep in mind that choosing the most potential tags is truly important. Use the free Redbubble tag generator which gives you the chance to copy and paste the best-sellers tags into the tag section when adding new artwork on Redbubble.