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How to use this T-shirt spy tool and get the most out of profitable T-Shirt niches with low competition list

We list more than 2,500 low competition and profitable T-Shirt niches for print on demand in 2021. In our T-shirt spy tool, you can see t-shirt niche, competition, and typical monthly sales. In our free version, you have access to limited T-Shirt niches with medium competition every day.
In our premium version, you access +2,500 untapped and profitable shirt niches with low competition every day. The niches in our premium plan are exclusive for our pro members. They will not be shared with our free users.

Column Explainations

Search Volume

Monthly search volume in the united states.

Market Activeness

How many listings in the first 2 pages of Etsy search results, sold at least one item during the last week. 100% Market Activeness means that all items in the first 2 page of search result sold at least 1 item during the last week. 5% Market Activeness means only 5 of the items in the first 2 pages sold at least 1 item.

How do you get market activeness score and competition?

Competition is the number of listings available for a niche. If it’s more than 5000 listings, and you’ve just started out, your chance of getting to the top of the listing is low.

Market Activeness: Insightfactory monitors the marketplace every day and tracks every change in the market if a niche has an activeness score of 100, it means all of the first 100 listings, sold at least one item during the last week. So the market is scorching, if the score is 0, it means none of the listings sold anything during the last week.

POD T-Shirt niche list is updated every day.

Every day we look at the T-Shirt sale data and update our print on demand niche research tool. Check this page everyday.

What is the difference between T-Shirt niches in the premium vs free plan?

We share limited niches with the medium competition with our free users. Every day you get a limited set of profitable t-shirt niches, but in the premium version, we share an exclusive 2,500 low competition niches.

How to select the T-Shirt niche that works for me?

Take a look at the niches daily, and try to come up with designs, and use our Etsy tags tool to generate tags for your design.
If you just started, and have less than 1000 sold items on Etsy, our advice is to focus on low competition niches, niches with less than 2,000 competition, and ideally less than 500 items.

Profitable T-Shirt niche ideas in 2022

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To evaluate your t-shirt niche idea get an eye on market activeness, and competition. Ideally, you are looking for a T-Shirt niche with low competition and high market activeness.

Are these T-Shirt niches for a specific platform?

Although we have a specific tool for Redbubble niches and another tool for Etsy Trends Tool to identify what to sell on Etsy to make profit. You can use the low competition niches on the platform of your choice, Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Teespring you name it. We advise using as many platforms as possible, each platform could bring sales to your T-Shirt designs, especially if you generate tags for your listings.

How to find untapped and profitable niches for POD?

Insightfactory is a print on demand niche research tool that explores popular marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and Redbubble to find print-on-demand niches and extract untapped and profitable niches.
Search inside the table to filter low competition niches based on your style.

How to find the best print on-demand niches in 2022?

The best t-shirt niche for print on demand is the one that you can make many designs for it, and it's evergreen. Check this list regularly, and look for underserved niches. Don't forget to check out the best print on demand niches for hoodies, socks, and phone cases.

How to Identify Top-selling T-shirt Niches?

If you're making living selling shirts online, then you know it's only possible if you're selling a lot of t-shirts. How do you know what is going to sell well? It's kind of tricky but with the help of our tools, I'm going to show you how to identify t-shirt niche ideas that could lead to more sales and higher profits.

How to Find Best-selling T-shirt Design Ideas?

Top-selling t-shirt niches have high sales potential means that most of the items on the first page of the search result sold at least one item during the week. 
Besides sales, you should keep an eye on the competition.

By clicking on the Details button, you go to the niche inspector page. Take a look at the details on the page. You will see a lot of information about the last time the listings have sold an item, as well as the number of days that the listings are on Etsy. You'll also see the number of views and favorites of each item. The tags and titles used for the listings are displayed as well. 

Check out the full list of best-selling products on Etsy in our print on demand spy tool

How to Check Top T-shirt Trends?

Since there are so many types of t-shirts available for sale, you'll need to narrow down the selection by choosing a niche that appeals to your target market and allows you to offer products that you're confident will sell well. Here are some tips on how to identify top-selling t-shirt niches that will make you tons of money.

Best-selling T-shirt Niches Every Day List

Our too-selling T-shirt niches tool will help you identify the best-selling t-shirt niches. So you can make more sales and rank higher. Click get full access to see popular t-shirt design ideas every day.
We monitor the major marketplaces like Merch by Amazon, Etsy, and Teespring. And collect the trending t-shirt niches on our Merch by Amazon Merch Research tool.
Besides monitoring different market places, we compare the results with the trending shirt design 2022. So we've got you covered with our formula that increases your sales.

T-shirt Niches 2022

The best-selling t-shirt designs 2022 will likely be very different to the top-selling T-shirt niches of 2021. The world is changing quickly, and along with it, people’s interests, buying habits and the ways that you can market to them.
You might have thought that you could just keep using your trending shirt design 2022, but this isn’t a good idea.
We’ve put together a list of things to consider when identifying your next top-selling t-shirt designs in 2022. Our best-selling t-shirt niches tool updates every day and have access to new creative t-shirt design ideas.

What is a T-Shirt Niche?

A niche is very much like a subcategory of an industry or category. For example, if we were to bring up the category ‘clothing’, we would then have to look at subcategories such as men’s clothing and women’s clothing. Each of these subcategories would then have more subcategories underneath them. For example, we might see categories such as shirts, hoodies and jackets underneath men’s clothing. Each of these categories would then have more specific niches within those categories. For example, under the category jackets we might see bomber jackets or leather jackets.
Niche markets are usually quite small in comparison to larger markets that focus on.

Is Selling T-shirts Online Profitable?

Definitely yes, selling t-shirts online is highly profitable. It’s not a “get rich quick” scheme, but with time and effort it can be a very lucrative business.
It’s not hard to see why selling t-shirts is so popular. They are a universal item of clothing that people will always buy, and you can make money out of selling them by having an eye for design and spotting trends.
Creative t-shirt design ideas are always in demand and people love them. So if you have a creative mind, here is how you can make money out of it.
Print on demand t-shirts is a $4.5B business in 2020. And It's gonna grow to $8.5B in 2029. So not only it's profitable, but also it's growing fast.
T-shirt is one of the best things to sell on Etsy in 2022.

Profitable T-Shirt Niches That Will Make You Tons Of Money

Profitable T-shirt niches are T-shirt design ideas that you can sell many of them. We all know that T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing items that have ever been sold in the world. This is one of those items that transcends time and fashion, and it's a piece that almost everyone wears. You can find them in every color, pattern, size and style, making them a staple item in the majority of closets. Because this type of shirt is such a basic necessity, many people will choose to purchase multiple ones throughout their lifetime. As an online entrepreneur, you should take advantage of this trend by selling t-shirts on your Etsy shop or other online store.

Examples Of Profitable T-shirt Niches

A very good idea of profitable T-shirt niches is to find a top-selling T-shirt idea and think of how you can sell more than one item, like matching shirts.

For example if you found a creative t-shirt design idea for mother's day, try to make another design for the other members of family. This way the chances of selling more that one T-shirt will be higher. Also, many people are looking for matching shirts and when you have it on your shop, they are more likely to buy from you.

How Can I find More Ideas of What to Design for my Shop to Get More Sales?

Popular Tags page helps you understand what keywords for your Etsy and Redbubble shop should be used. It can also make you a lot more money. Use the most popular tags page to find new t-shirt design ideas for your listings. Or see if there are any other keywords you can use in your titles and tags to get more views. Simply search for the keyword and find best-selling t-shirt niches for your shop. Then make creative t-shirt design for the keywords.

How to Write The Perfect Title and tags For Your Etsy Listing After Creating a Top-selling T-shirt Design?

Just search for a keyword on the Etsy keyword research tool and find the most popular tags and phrases. Then click the copy recommended tags button to simply copy and paste the best-seller's tags into your listings' tags. You can also copy the title of any listings you want. Click show more stats at the top of the page and scroll to the left to see the title. If you want to copy tags of any specific listings you can easily click copy tags in the listings' box.
Keep in mind to choose the most relevant keywords to your T-shirt niche design.

Get Access to the Best-selling T-shirt Niches

Do you wish for an easier and faster way to find many new best-selling t-shirt niches? If the answer is yes, you can consider using the top-selling t-shirt niches tool. This is a highly advanced online app that will help you to get a handy and detailed list of best-selling t-shirt niches.

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