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Jungle Scout™ alternative for Etsy: How to See What’s Selling on Etsy

If you are an Amazon seller, you might have come across Jungle Scout™, a critical tool that helps sellers know which products do well on the platform and what keywords to target when listing products on Amazon.

While this tool is fundamental for online sellers, its data and applications are only limited to Amazon, which begs the question: Is there a Jungle Scout™ for Etsy?

Short answer: No

Complete answer: There are a few Etsy tools that are as effective in finding ranking products, niches, and keywords as Jungle Scout™, on Etsy. These tools contain all the info you need to do thorough and complete product research for your eCommerce or Print on Demand business.

Keyword Scout Alternatives for Etsy

 Insightfactory, is the best alternative to keyword scout, especially if you are looking to start selling on Etsy. With our Etsy product research tool, you can discover:

  • Sub niches that are selling right now
  • Best selling products on Etsy
  • Products and Niches that the buyers are favoring right now.

All of the current recommendations inside our app are the sales stats and pageviews to help you make more informed decisions on what to sell on the platform, also the related marketplaces such as Shopify and Merch by Amazon.

Why Do You Need Keyword scout for Etsy?

Jungle Scout™ gives you data points about what is selling on Amazon. With these data points, you can fasten your product research process so that you can start selling right away.

Although Etsy lists best-selling products in different categories, the sales stats and pageviews are often omitted. Therefore, it is hard to know which products exactly have great potential on the platform. 

With Insightfactory’s Etsy keyword tool, you can take advantage of stats as you can quickly sort the recommendations based on four different metrics:

  • Competition without ads
  • Pageviews
  • New Favourites 
  • Niche Potential

How to Use Jungle Scout™ Alternative for Etsy?

To get started, head over to Etsy Popular Items from the dashboard. You will be taken to a page with several tabs, such as Shirts (Default), SVGs, Downloadables, Mugs, and Postcards. Next, navigate to the product type of your choice and scroll down to see thousands of trending sub-niches and products.

To determine whether a sub-niche is evergreen and thus worth exploring, use the Google Trends button below each listing. Click the button, and a popup appears with the Trends chart. The metrics are from Google Trends.

To access all the products and sales stats, simply upgrade your account for a small fee. By upgrading, you also get additional tabs on the left bar, where you can visit individual product recommendation pages for different product types on Etsy.