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53 Best Niches for Print on Demand Businesses in 2022 and How to Find Them

Looking for the best niches for print on demand? The truth is, starting a print-on-demand (POD) is a lucrative business when you get the niche right. 

Sadly, this is an area where many people fail. Choosing a popular niche with tons of interested buyers isn’t going to be profitable if you don’t have a clear marketing strategy, and a huge ad spend budget. In other words, you don’t have to take on the big guys when you can carve out your own niche, dominate and scale.

Now, the right print-on-demand niche looks different for everyone but relying on reliable data to find your niche is what professional print-on-demand sellers are doing. Luckily, with our tool, you can find Print on Demand products that are:

  • Selling well right now
  • Have a sizeable monthly search volume and
  • Have low competition
  • Loved by buyers right now.

Armed with the metrics above, you can then combine other aspects such as your skills, marketing budget, and strategies to determine a sub-niche that will work well for you. 

What is Print on Demand?

On-demand printing, commonly referred to as Print on Demand, POD, is an eCommerce model where the product goes into printing only once an order has been confirmed. This way, you do not have to spend money upfront, and also it cuts off stock maintenance expenses. 

Now, doing this by yourself as an individual is expensive and unsustainable. It is where Print on Demand services such as TeeSpring, Printify, and Printful come in. They take care of the custom printing and delivery of the orders to the customer.

As a seller, your sole task is to find best-selling POD products, select a POD service for fulfillment, create your own designs, list them on your store and start marketing.

107 Best Niches for Print on Demand

I will show you how to find a profitable POD niche in a minute, but first, here are some of the best selling niches for print-on-demand products that you should consider exploring further:

  1. Birthday Tshirts
  2. Momster Tshirts
  3. Harry Styles
  4. Haloween
  5. Oversize
  6. My Body My Choice
  7. Thanksgiving
  8. Christians
  9. Dad
  10. Husband and Wife
  11. Nurse
  12. Mom
  13. Siblings
  14. Sisters
  15. CEO
  16. Writing
  17. Counseling
  18. Nun
  19. Paramedic
  20. Plumber
  21. Social worker
  22. Student
  23. College
  24. Teacher
  25. Vegan
  26. Wedding
  27. Woodworking
  28. Baseball
  29. Blogging
  30. Camping
  31. Calligraphy
  32. Bodybuilding/weightlifting
  33. Yoga
  34. Volunteering
  35. Design
  36. Dancing
  37. Stand-up comedy
  38. Poetry
  39. Salsa
  40. Aunty
  41. Boyfriend
  42. Girlfriend
  43. Bride
  44. Bridegroom
  45. Mum/Mummy
  46. BFF
  47. Valentine
  48. Future dad
  49. Future Mom
  50. Granny
  51. Twin
  52. Cats
  53. Horseriding

You can further subdivide the niches above based on product types. Some may be suitable for shirts, hoodies, mugs, or notebooks.

Of course, these are general niches, but to find a great sub-niche, you first need to identify a suitable broad niche for you and then delve deeper to find those goldmines that will improve your POD business.

In fact, with our POD spy tool, you can explore over 2500 best-selling pod niches right away when you upgrade to pro. Free users only have around three pages of our recommendations; the rest are only available for pro users. Given that you can get started for just $7 for a whole week’s access, we consider this a bargain.

Where to Sell Your Print on Demand Products:

While there are several platforms for print on demand, the common ones are:

1: Shopify Print on Demand: 

Using our Etsy trends tool, you can find best-selling POD products to sell on Shopify. Shopify makes selling a breeze as you can easily connect with POD service apps to fulfill your orders, so you won’t have to lift a finger. 

Some Print on Demand Companies for Shopify:

With Shopify Print on Demand, you can take advantage of Shopify’s robust features including, analytics, customer profiles, and social selling.

2: Merch by Amazon

You can sell custom t-shirts and hoodies using Amazon Launch. After validating your POD niche using Etsy trends, you can navigate our Merch by Amazon Trends tool to find best-selling custom t-shirt designs. 

You can then use these designs as your inspiration for what to sell in your store.

3: Print on Demand Services

You can also choose to sell your custom products with your specific service provider. Some POD services such as CustomCat, Printful, and Printify offer you storefronts that you can customize to your own liking though most of them only give you limited branding capabilities.

How to Find Best Niches for Print on Demand on Etsy Using InsightFactory’s Etsy Trends Tool

Now, let’s get started with finding the best niches for your Print on Demand business. Typically, we are looking for trend-worthy niches with considerate search volume (interest) and low competition. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Explore Etsy Trends for Ideas

Inside your Insightfatctory account, navigate to Etsy Trends and click on the product recommendation page. This page has several tabs including, Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Tote bags, socks, and phone cases. The default is Shirts.

To find the best niches for your POD business, scroll through the recommendations page by page, noting down those sub-niches that interest you the most. You can create a table based on different Print on Demand Product types. For instance, maybe you have a store where you sell custom t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases, then:

Tshirt NichesMug NichesPhone Cases
MomtrepreneurCat MugNike Phone
10th BirthdayGhost ClassOff White
MomsterTea Mug GlassCrocodile
OversizeTed Lasso Roy KentIndie Phone Case
My Body My ChoiceCoffee Mugs GalaxyMatte Phone Case
T-shirt to TeacherCat Mug StarbucksBlank Phone Case

Once you are done searching through niches, proceed to step 2 to find more niches to leverage. Next to the tags suggested by our tag analyzer is a click-through icon that will take you directly to the respective listings on Etsy for that particular task. For instance, on clicking the momster and dadster tag, you are taken to the listing that looks like below:

Step 2: Power up Etsy Tag Analyzer

The next thing you need to do is go through the list above and analyze the main keyword using our built-in Etsy Keyword Research Tool.

Note down all the relevant sub-niche ideas based on tag analyzer results directly below the main sub-niche as shown below. Do these for all of your sub-niches above. And after this exercise, you should have 50+ product ideas for your Print on Demand store.

Step 3: Settle Down on Niches That Are More Interesting for You

When starting your POD store, you can’t try selling everything. From the 50+ sub-niches above, settle on 3 or 4 profitable niches that you have skills and expertise. Consider a niche qualified, when they:

  • have considerable market volume
  • have low competition
  • are in the market that you are knowledgeable about
  • are topics that you are passionate about
  • are On-demand and in the marketplace
  • serve a specific group of people.

What to Do with Data-backed Niche Research

After using our spy tools to discover great niches and product ideas for your Print on Demand, you can use this information to create products to sell on Etsy and other platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Print on Demand companies.

Drive More Traffic to Your Listings by Choosing Best-selling Tags and Titles

The Etsy Tag Generator tool helps you bring more traffic and sales for your shops. Search for the most relative keyword to you product and see the result. Sort the result based on the popularity and copy the tags and title and paste them into your listings.

It’s better to copy recommended tags that are selected based on their efficiency and sales potential.

How to find the top 10 sellers on Etsy?

The Etsy shop analysis tool shows all the details about top-selling Etsy shops and their listings which are selling really well. You can see how long the top-sellers listings are on Etsy, How many favorites and views they get, what are the titles and tags for each listing, and when was the last time they sold an item.

Click copy tags to copy and paste their tags. Select the title to copy them.

For example: If you want to know how much time a seller is selling an item on his/her shop or what is their best-selling category or what type of products sells well then you can use this tool.

You will see that there are many sellers who have been on Etsy for more than a year with thousands of sales under their belt – this means that they know what works for them and what doesn’t! You can learn from them!

Get Started Now

To start doing your Etsy product research in minutes, upgrade your account here, and you will have instant access to thousands of trending print-on-demand product ideas that you can leverage right away.