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How To Design Print-on-demand Products Like a Pro

Want to have a successful print-on-demand business? Read this article thoroughly to find what you must do.
To have your e-commerce stores stand out among thousands of others, you need to take the following steps carefully.

Text Design T-shirts That Are Selling

Most of the designs for Print-On-Demand are text-based. So it is critical to choose the right font. It can sometimes be complicated for those who are not professional typographers or designers. There are thousands of fonts that might look appealing to you. However, your customers might disagree. But don’t worry, you can simply turn your not-trending font into an artistic custom t-shirt font by selecting the favorite fonts that are so popular.
Big and bold fonts are the most fitting for shirts because they should be readable at a glance.
It is suitable to choose the font based on the topic you are designing. 

Remember to use the fonts that are available for commercial use, not the ones that are only available for personal use. 

If you want some free fonts that are popular as well, check out these perfect free fonts below. 


Open-source sans-serif typeface
Oswald is a tall font suitable for longer words.
It is available in light, regular, and bold weights.

League Gothic

It is a sans-serif typeface.


Great to use for casual and sport shirts.

Amatic SC

Excellent for the shirts that have adventure vibes.

Archivo Narrow

Simple sans serif font.

Here you can find the 25 best fonts for print-on-demand.
10 Best Fonts for T-Shirt Designs

Adding Graphic Element To Your Design

Want your design to stand out among others? Add a graphic element that is related to the main idea of the niche.

If you are a beginner and want to create artistic designs, then Canva is ideal for you. It’s the most beginner-friendly tool that you can install on all of your devices and save a draft of your designs whenever and wherever you want. Once you start using Canva, you will always find yourself reaching for it to design whatever you have on your mind. Start making creative designs using Canva.

You can get inspired by looking at other best-selling designs. Never copy them, just try to find a trending theme that is in common between most of them and then apply the idea in your own design.
If you want to get inspired by trending designs, check out our Merch By Amazon Trends page.

Let me give you an example, retro sunsets are extremely popular nowadays. So try to use them in your designs to make it more attractive. You can find several creative vectors here.

It is crucial to know that you need to practice a lot. Choose a niche and design 10 to 20 artworks for it. Then look at your recent designs you will definitely notice the difference between the last and the first ones. The latest designs seem way better, right?
So create designs as much as you can and use your creativity to boost them up.