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Etsy Search Trends

Discover Etsy trending search terms.
Add Etsy trending products to your shop and increase your sales on Etsy.
Use this tool as your Etsy product research and keyword tool.

Etsy Trends Tool

Etsy Tag Generator Tool

You have 13 tags on each of your Etsy listings that you should get the most out of it. Find tags that sell. Do keyword research with our tag analyzer tool. Copy and paste it into your listing.

Etsy Keyword Research Tool

Etsy Spy Tool

Discover low competition Etsy keywords. Analyze tags that your competitors use. And select the low competition tags for your own Etsy listing. Get seen on Etsy with keyword research tool, and use the tags that are selling.

Etsy Product Research Tool

Etsy Keyword Research Tool

One-click copy and paste recommended tags. View hidden data of listings, and focus on the best low competition niches on Etsy.

Etsy Keyword Research Tool

Clothing Niches

Complete list of profitable T-shirt niches for Print on Demand.
The list contains more than 15k low competition and profitable POD shirt niches.

Best-selling t-shirt niches

Most Popular Digital Download Products on Etsy

most popular digital downloads on etsy Printable digital products are in high demand on Etsy right now.
Here you can spy on Etsy best-sellers in digital products, including SVGs, planners, templates, and much more.

Best-selling digital products on Etsy

Print on Demand Trends

Explore trends in print on demand and make designs that sell. Skip the competition and make money with your designs.

Popular shirt designs

Redbubble Trends Tool

Find trending searches on Redbubble and select the tags, copy and paste them to your artwork. It is important to use the tags that are selling right now.

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Best-selling t-shirts on Merch by Amazon

Curious to know Merch by Amazon best-seller shirts? Check out our free Merch by Amazon research tool and get inspired by best-selling t-shirts on Merch by Amazon for your print-on-demand store.

Research best-selling t-shirts

Etsy tips and tutorials

Our beginner-friendly tutorials teach you how to keyword research for print on demand and how to find popular items on Etsy and Redbubble.



Etsy Tag Generator Tool

Explore keywords for tags and titles. Compare the competition for each tag and only select the ones that sell. Do you need more information about tags and Etsy SEO in general? Our tutorials cover it for you.

  • Explore Search Trends on Etsy
  • Copy Recommended Tags
  • Discover low competition keywords
  • Listing sales data
  • Copy listing tags
  • Compare Tags Competition

Print on Demand Profitable Niches

Doing product research is easy with Insightfactory keyword research tool.
We are monitoring all major print-on-demand marketplaces like Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, and Etsy every second.
We list trending searches to help you prepare for trends before they get saturated.
We have the largest database of profitable and low competition niches for print-on-demand and digital products, from profitable T-shirt niches to best-seller digital products.


Merch by Amazon Research Tool

Easy to use Merch research tool for doing Merch by Amazon shirt research.
You can find a perfect Amazon Merch shirt design by checking our list.
We analyze all listings and create a unique list of best-selling t-shirts on Merch by Amazon twice a day.
You only need to check the Merch research tool every day to discover today's best-selling t-shirts.

  • Daily Trends
  • Popular Searches
  • Best-selling t-shirt list
Best-selling t-shirts on Merch by Amazon

Redbubble Trends Tool

Discover trending searches on Redbubble and generate the best tags in 5 simple steps.
Our Redbubble Keyword Tool updates daily. It lists most potential niches on Redbubble.
You can use these niches to get seen on Redbubble.

  • Daily Trends
  • Popular Searches
  • Sales Data
  • Avoid Fake Trends
  • Get Seen on Redbubble.
Redbubble Trends Tool