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How I made my first $100 in 14 days selling digital products

InsightFactory Review: How Sara Saleh made her first $100 in 14 days


  • The speaker is Sarah S, a digital marketing expert.
  • She discusses the rising popularity of selling digital products, particularly in the context of murder mysteries, True Crime, and Escape rooms.
  • Sarah recently rebranded her online store to focus on selling murder mystery games and saw quick success.
  • Sarah also highlights”Insight Factory” which helps her find trending products and improve her listings on Etsy.
  • Sarah emphasizes the importance of providing value to customers and constantly improving her products.
  • She shares statistics about her store’s performance, with 21 orders and £7453 in revenue in just 13 days.
  • She credits her success to her digital marketing experience and membership in the “passive income society.”
  • She expresses her excitement about her store’s momentum and encourages consistency in Etsy selling.


I know that you’re probably really
interested and have been watching online
that there’s been a really big rise in
the popularity of selling digital
products there’s like plr there’s all
these different terms Mr flying around
there’s passive income and I’ve been in
the digital marketing space for a long
time now over three and a half four
years my name is Sarah s I’m a digital
marketing expert and I’ve sold digital
products quite successfully um to my
audience to my warm audience so to my
coaching clients to my my email list um
really been able to crack Etsy it’s kind
of it’s probably to do with me you know
it’s the consistency thing um I’ve
started a couple of stores I’ve got a
bit bored I’ve started again I’ve had
sales here and there but I haven’t
really had anything that’s been
consistent and so a couple of weeks ago
I saw online that there was a new Niche
emerging which really Coles backk to my
interest it’d be something that I would
be interested in now this is around
murder mystery True Crime and Escape
rooms and and um I did a training course
by somebody called Alexandro and it was
he was teaching how to create skatee
rooms for children and I thought this
gave me a really good idea I thought you
know what I’ve did some research online
I looked that this actually a really
emerging Trend so I bit the bullet I
completely cleared one of my shots now
if you guys haven’t seen my previous
video I’ll link it down below so you can
have a look I completely cleared one of
my shops I rebranded and I started
making murder mystery games now these
murder mystery games I did actually use
a plr product from a subscription called
secret weapon and I put a couple of
products out there they just started
getting sales straight away and I just
couldn’t believe it like this had never
happened to me like you see people
posting online and you see people saying
oh look I’ve got these sales but I just
never thought it would happen to me so
I’ve been so so happy about this and I
had a few I had some feedback from a few
people that were saying you know I can’t
really understand the rules can you kind
of explain it a little bit to me so what
I did is I bit the bullet again I took
the products I took the rules I put them
into chat GPT and I can change it into a
completely different game I added
character attributes I added new rules I
added a new way that people can pick who
the murderer is um and also so we can
make kind of endless gameplay different
scenarios and this has worked really
well now I will tell you that I have to
go back in and edit which took me quite
a long time the the current games that I
already had and what I did is I went and
messaged everybody that bought the game
and said look here’s a new updated
version hope you like it I also added
after research thought how can I improve
my product
I added in a an invite template and an
awards template now I would just if you
can see here in the background of the
screen this is what I’m at now so this
is 13
days I’ve done 21 orders and I’ve made £
7453 Revenue that’s just amazing like
I’m so happy with that within 13 days
I’ve only made 12 products so you know
the momentum is really there and I know
that I’ve really really hit on something
here um as you can see like the recent
activity here you can see it’s a lot of
it is all one game let me just see if
this can clip down like I’ve got all of
these different people people favoring
my shop people buying my products so I’m
really really happy with the progress
now what I do let me just share the
product the bestselling product that
I’ve got right now and I’ll show you
exactly what I’m kind of selling right
now so this is the game this is my best
selling game this is actually the first
game I actually put up as well so if you
look in the previous video you can see
how I’ve rebranded it I’ve actually
tailored it even more than the previous
video um so this is a murder mystery
game I’ve changed here so this has got a
complete introduction these are brand
new rules that are completely different
from the previous game that I’ve made up
myself using chat GTP I’ve also given it
as an open-end scenario so I’ve got two
scenarios here these are the suspect
cards and then again I’ve added in a
extra piece
here so this is basically the PDF that
they will receive these are the
templates as you can see I’ve rebranded
some of them for a different game but
yeah these are the invite templates and
they get these as a PDF and they can
just print them off and it really helps
engage gameplay and also something that
they can kind of keep on there people
can even kind of frame these if they
want to you can send these digitally as
well so you can download them and send
digitally and then this is the invite so
they get an invite that they’re able to
edit so this is going to be a template
not a PDF that they get to edit and they
can send up to their friends they can
have print it off or they can send it
digitally so they just have to download
their PNG and they can send it digitally
so you’ve gotten free products in one to
be honest with you it doesn’t take that
long because I’ve got a couple of Base
templates so all I do is I just lift and
shift and I just change the colors you
have to make sure here if it’s a
template that you haven’t got any pro
elements in canva as well
but yeah it’s it doesn’t take a long it
doesn’t doesn’t take long and it’s given
a really big value it is still a lowcost
product but I’m really trying to grow my
store right now and I’m trying to give
it extra value to my customers and I
know being in the digital marketing
world for as long as I have been giving
extra value is always going to Trump
over everything always I would rather
give Extra Value here now that’s going
to take me a couple of minutes literally
changing the colors and making a new
template link that’s going to be able to
sell more because there’s more perceived
value on the front
did I do this number one I have digital
marketing experience so I have got a bit
of a head start from everyone else like
I said I understand about value
proposition I understand about digital
marketing everything else but I have had
a help in hand so I am a member of the
passive income Society with Jessa Balman
and I am an affiliate and I’m going to
put the link down below because you guys
need to join this membership I would not
have been able to get as far as I can
without this membership there’s
literally everything in here you’ve got
templates course creation affiliate Etsy
everything about Etsy mini courses
software bundles sales resource the
resource role is worth hundreds in
itself and then you’ve got bonus you
know Christmas T kits there’s so much in
here it the community is absolutely
amazing there’s so much amazing support
I would not been able to probably got
where I am right now without the help
and support of passive income societ
soety my next tool I really want to
share with you if you want to accelerate
your growth get things done quicker
because we all know it can be quite a
laborious process sometimes right ET see
you’ve got to do your mockups you’ve got
to do just your listings you can need to
find your tags you need to do research
your titles for your keywords and your
SEO Insight Factory helps you get that
all done faster I cannot recommend this
tall enough um again look it just does
what it says on the tin it’s F help you
find trending products better tags
titles descriptions now I’m just going
to pop into there so the thing that I’m
using most at the moment is recommended
for me recommended for me is I’ve
connected my Etsy store to inside
facturing and it shows me recommended
products based on my store so let’s
click on recommended for me I’m going to
go to
potential and here it is so if you can
see here that is Halloween party murder
mystery game that’s my murder mystery
game and I’m super happy about that
because next to it is I know this person
here I’ve actually bought a course of
them before I recognized their mockups
is a really really big ety seller and
these people on here on the front pages
are so I’m super super chuff that my
product’s been shown as a kind of
trending product um and what it does is
it I’ve gone by potential and it shows
you like we’ve got hot sell signal this
week so that means that it’s really
really good got a really good sell
signal you can see here it shows you how
many listens it had on the first page so
38 listens on the first page had sales
today and it’s got
1.8k um uh competition okay so I’m not
going to go into a full in-depth
tutorial on this because that that’s
they they’ve already got that on the
website but I’m just wanted to show you
here so this is kind of showing us all
the different things we’ve got so if I
go into click on to Halloween party
murder mystery game as a trending
product and we can see here they’ve got
some products down here now what it does
is it’s showing me the different tags
the keywords it’s showing me what the
sales potential so I can see that this
amazing product had 44 sales it’s had
52k views um it’s got 1.55 K favorite
and they’ve had it but they’ve had it up
three years so you know that’s this is a
really good product here that’s
performing well but the good thing about
this is I can I can copy the best sing
best selling tags it says copy the 13
best tags for this keyword they’re based
on best sellers listing at ETO so I just
copy and put them into Etsy I can
generate a
title so I if I don’t think that’s going
to Halloween party game invite to my
Manner and it also generates a
description now I use the part of the
description in my listing and I use chat
GPT for the rest of my listing so this
is just something that I wanted to share
with you because it’s a really amazing
tour and I’ll will put the link below
for that and can really accelerate your
success and help you get done things
things done faster so yeah um that’s
just my little talk today I hope you
guys have enjoyed watching my video as
much as I’ve enjoyed making this and
sharing my successes with you I’m super
happy about the way this is going like I
said I’ve struggled for a while and I
was trying to find a niche and I was
getting put off and I was having ADHD
burnout and ADHD boredom if you guys
understand what it means to be ADHD you
understand what I’m talking about and
but you know I’ve I’ve from two weeks
I’ve got 21 orders and £74 sales like
from 12 products that’s amazing like I
can see now that I’ve got a momentum on
this store and I really need to put the
work and stay consistent that’s the main
thing with Etsy you need to stay
consistent and you know life life does
come up and things come off and we don’t
get you know but don’t let it put you
off just keep going like I said it’s t
it’s like with a friend of mine said to
me this is third shop lucky you know as
a joke and things so yeah this is so
and I really would love it if you could
share this video you could send me a
like and yeah and it’ be really really
cool and I really hope to see you guys
soon and hopefully on my next video I’ll
be able to share some even more amazing
successes with you but I’ll speak to you
later thank you bye

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