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How to do SEO yourself, an easy step by step SEO Guide

How to do seo like a boss

SEO could be overwhelming especially for a new website with a limited budget.

Like any skills in the world, you can become a master in SEO by understanding its core concepts alongside practice, practice, and practice.

If you just started and don't have a big marketing budget to hire an SEO agency. This Guide is for you.

In our step-by-step SEO guide, we cover all the essential steps to do SEO yourself.

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The goal of this guide is to help you grow your business organically, and we assume that you don't have a marketing budget, but the ambition to get the job done.

We assume that you have just started up, and want to drive organic traffic to your WordPress website. The process is the same for Shopify and any other platforms.

Ok, what is SEO?

Users search on Google every day and looking to solve their needs, Website owners, compete with each other to solve user's needs and try to present their products to the user.

for each and everything user searches, Google creates a specific ranking. If you become number 1, you will get almost 35% of people that searched the topic.

if you are number 10, you will get only 2.5%. If you are not on the first page, you won't get any.

That's it. SEO is a process to know what is essential in the eyes of Google and doing them one by one. Actually, Google uses 200 different factors to decide the ranking. So even if you don't have a marketing budget, you can fulfill many of these factors and boost your ranking.

For Example, when you buy a domain, buy it for 5 years instead of 1, it will send a signal to Google that you are more confident in your website and will boost your rank.

In this Step-by-Step SEO guide, we cover all the steps that are necessary to boost your website.

Each step starts by chatting with our smart bot. Its job is to personalize your SEO guideline.

you can do all of the steps yourself, it's a matter of time that you need to put in your SEO game.

Step 1) Know your Customers, why it is essential, why many fail at SEO

One thing that you should always do yourself and never outsource to another person is knowing your customers.

It can save you tons of money and time. at the end of this chapter, you understand why.

let's begin.

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What people search on google when they need your product?

Let's imagine you are a freelance photographer looking for using SEO to promote your service

What is the thing your users search for when they need you?

  • photographer Copenhagen
  • Freelance photographer in my city
  • ...

What is wrong with this approach?

First, chances are that many other photographers started their SEO process a long time ago and rank in these keywords, if you want to be on the first page for these keywords, you should compete with them.

And competing with them means you have to beat their SEO strategy. What is wrong with this approach? You have to compete with competitors with larger budgets and teams. And chances of you becoming number one decrease dramatically.

why is it really important?

step by step seo for website

Imagine your time value per hour is 20$, for the keyword "photographer in Copenhagen" you should put in 50 hours of work, and wait at least 6 months to get to rank 10. So you invest 1000$ for getting to the bottom of a popular keyword.

If 10,000 people search for "photographer in Copenhagen" per month, you will get 250 clicks for your 1000$ investment per month.

But if you focus on a much easier keyword like "freelance photographer Copenhagen" which has much less search volume, let's say 1000 searches per month, you only need to invest 20 hours (400$) to rank first, with 1000 search volume. So you will get 350 clicks per month from your investment.

You get 100 more clicks per month for 600$ less investment than scenario 1.

If you outsource this part to an agency, they usually optimize it for their own revenue and focus on the first keyword. And you lose money without knowing it.

Keyword research to the rescue.

The goal of keyword research is not only to find keywords that users search but also easy to rank for.

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in our example, it could be :

  • Student budget-friendly photographer in Copenhagen.
  • Romantic photoshoot places in Copenhagen

The goal of knowing your users more is to find who exactly could be your customer and find low competition but high-quality keywords to target them.

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